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I'm a single dad, I have one son, and this all started when he was around 8. I've always been bi, so one night I was in my computer masturbating when I heard what sounded like my son closing his bedroom door, and I got up to check. When I peaked in he was laying on his belly with his head turned and hanging slightly off the bed. As I approached him it looked like he was sleeping, then my eyes glanced down at his little round butt, and already being horned up, I pulled down the front of my sleep pants taking my cock in my hand. I started masturbating looking at his round little butt. I was so focused on his butt I didn't notice he opened his eyes until he whispered; "dad, do you want me to suck it for you", and I quickly put my cock away. He reached over grabbing my cock through my sleep pants then says; "it's okay dad, I know you want to shoot your juice cause it feels good", as my son's hand is still on my cock I say; "you sure", and he replied; "yes I want to make you feel good" as he starts reaching in my pants. I let him pull the front of my pants down, he took my cock in his hand, and leaned in to take my cock in his mouth. The warmth of his mouth on my cock just about made me cum, but I still didn't last long, and just the sight of my little boy sucking my cock pushed me over the edge. I whispered; "I'm going to cum", he didn't flinch as I started pumping cum into his mouth, and he drank every bit of cum too!

Afterwords I asked him how he know about sucking, he told me that his friend (that comes over all the time) sucks his dad's dick, and he said that he always wanted to try it. I asked him if he ever sucked Johnny's dad and he said no, I was the first. I had to ask; "well how was it, did you like it" and he replied; "yeah, it tasted good" and paused then said; "want to do it again"? He slept in my bed that night and sucked me off four times. The next day I couldn't wait for him to get home from school and when he walked in Johnny (a small framed blonde haired boy) was right behind him. They get in, settled down on the sofa, and Johnny keep looking over at me with a huge grin on his face. I say to my son; "you told him, didn't you"? My son gets a big grin and says; "yeah Johnny won't tell anyone", and then Johnny says; "yeah I won't tell, but can I do it too"?

Both my son and Johnny are adults now, both gay bottoms, and my son loves to play the slut role. When he was around 14 he asked if he could bring a guy over, I figured it's safer here, and agreed. The "guy" was an old black guy, like in his 60s, but when he pulled out his cock, fuck it was big, and I told him he better go easy. My son started sucking his cock right on the sofa, I'm stroking my cock, and as soon as the guy get hard, my son climbed up on him. I watched my son's ass open up as he took this big black cock into his butt. Shit I didn't need to tell the guy to be easy because my son sat all the way down on his huge cock and rode him until I seen the guy's cum leaking out of my son's gaping hole and ran down the guy's cock as my son kept riding him. It was the hottest gay sight I've ever seen and to this day I still masturbate thinking about that day.

Both Johnny and my son swing over to service my cock, my son always tells me he'll always service my cock when I need it.