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I've been bi-sexual ever since I got married. My wife likes straight sex but that's about it. So I've often wandered outside and one night happened to get my cock sucked by another man. It was better than my wife could ever do so I started looking for excuses to go get some strange cock. I enjoy sucking cock and have recently discovered the joy of being ass-fucked. One night I hooked up with this guy and he took me home to his place. He asked if I liked nipple play and I told him I did. Then he asked if I had ever used nipple clamps. I hadn't and he said I was in for the ride of my life.

We got undressed and he had me suck his cock for a bit. When he was hard he got up and came back with a couple of nipple clamps. He said it might hurt at first but I would end up loving it. I was skeptical as he attached the clamps to my nipples. He squeezed tighter and tighter until just the top quarter inch of my nips were sticking out over the clamps. Then he told me to truly enjoy it he would have to tie my hands. I was a little scared but let him tie my hands behind me. I was on my back and he knelt over my face. He bent over and put his cock back in my mouth. I had never been bound before but found it exciting. Then he started to play with the tips of my nipples. My wife sucks on my nipples sometimes but this was completely different. There was a bit of pain from the clamps but when he started to roll and pinch my nipple tips I about went wild. My cock got hard as he mouth fucked me and played with my nips.

He took his cock out of my mouth and knelt between my legs. He pushed my legs up and thrust his slippery cock into my ass. I grunted as he buried himself inside me. He started to slowly fuck me as he reached forward and started to work my nipples again. He rolled, pushed, tugged and pinched the tips as he continued to ass fuck me. Before I knew it I was cumming and my cock hadn't even been touched. Even after I emptied my nuts my cock stayed hard as he continued to fuck me. The more he worked my nipples the harder my cock got. Before he could cum I came a second time. What a fucking rush. Cumming twice without ever being sucked or stroked.

He finally came in my ass and filled me up. He took the clamps off of me and I felt the pain as the blood rushed back in. It wasn't all that long but it was fucking intense. This was absolutely the most exciting sex I'd ever had and had to have more. Over the next months I tried to talk my wife into using clamps on my nipples but she would have none of it. That's okay because I have introduced several other men to the pleasure of nipple clamps and my nipples have actually gotten a lot bigger and tougher from my nearly constant clamping of them, even at work. I fucking love nipples and the erotic feeling of having them clamped and will enjoy it for many years to come. It's too bad my wife is such a cold cunt, we could have had a lot of fun if she would have opened up a little.