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My sister married this guy that had a 8yr old son, they both worked midnight shift so I'd babysit Kevin overnight, and he was a very laid back kid. We started laying on the couch together watching TV, then one night I was laying on my back, and he climbed up laying on my chest. It was comfortable the way he was laying on me, but his butt cheeks was setting right on my dick, so I told his to scoot over a little, and he said no he was comfortable, so I let it go. As we're laying there he starts ever so slightly moving his butt, which of course starts to stimulate my cock, and as my cock starts to get hard, he whispers to me; "it's starting to get stiff". I reply to him; "yeah you're making it hard, I tried to tell you to move a little" and he started really rubbing his butt on my cock, and then said; "I bet that I can make it all the way stiff". Now he lifts his ass just a little, he starts sliding his butt up and down my half hardened cock, my cock was right between his little butt cheeks. As he's starting to do this I say; "don't you ever tell anyone we're doing this" and he turns his head saying; "I know, I'm not stupid". Then he gets up off me standing up and says; "watch this". He reaches for the waistband of my sleep pants, I up a little and pull my pants down. He takes a hold of my cock and says; "wow it's bigger then my dad's", I ask; "you've done this with your dad", and he puts his finger to his lips saying; "shhhhh, remember I'm not to tell anyone" then laughs. At that point his mouth was right over the head of my cock and I felt his warm mouth as he starts sucking my cock. I reach over and start rubbing his little butt and he says; "do you want to do my butt"? I fucked him three times that night and I could almost get my whole cock in him too. It didn't take me a month before I was able to put him on his knees bent over the couch and just drill his little butt. I fucked him all the way into high school, then he started bringing a friend over to hang out at my house, and his little friend was a fem boi too. Nothing like having one teenage boy sucking my cock as my nephew licks my asshole and I swear they'd get me to cum within minutes when they ganged up on me.