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I have a story on here explaining my experience with my cousin when we were young. Well. More too it involves my mom. So. Quick back story. Me and cousin (both male and 8) at the time started to get sexual and suck eachother and rub eachother when we visited.

So one time we we visited we went upstairs at night cause we were sleeping over. Small room all to our selves, everyone was asleep (like 2 am) and we started to get sexual again. But this time my mom came in and saw us. She was shocked and gasped loudly. We stopped and kinda hid our selves with our hands cause we were scared. She asked us what we were doing. So we told her the truth. She asked how it started and we told her cause of just rough housing and curious and felt good. She sat quiet for a second a d said she wasnt mad at us. We were kinda relieved. But. She told us that she wanted to see what we were doing exactly and said to show her again. All confused we didnt move and looked at eachother and back at her. She once again said to show her. So I played back down and my cousin puts my little 8 y.o. penis in his mouth and sucks again. My mom is watching me and his penis get hard as we do this completely naked. He sucks for about two minutes and tells us to switch and watch me suck him. So we switch and I do the Sam's for about 5 minutes. She asks us if we like what we are doing and we say yeah. So she says that we could do it at the same time if we get in 69 position and she shows us how. She puts my on top of him and we start sucking each other. Most amazing feeling ever as I watch my mom watch me and my 8 y.o. cousin suck each others dicks. We do this for a little and she tells us to get up and sits us down. She says that we can do this as much as we want but it has to be at night or when no one is home and no one can know and she has to watch.

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