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The first time I asked John to fuck me I was only 14. He was my next door neighbor. He was 17 and said I was too young. I really wanted to know if it was as good as the videos I saw on line. For the next two years I learned to masturbate to orgasm. I was able to get three fingers inside me with one hand and love to play with my growing nipples with the other. I found that sometimes I could make myself cum by just playing with my nipples and watching some big black stud fuck an old lady. For the last several months I would be in the back yard just relaxing but always went without a bra. My nipples were really big by that time and John would stand at the fence and watch me. He didn't know I saw him and occasionally I would rub a tit or pinch a nipple to give him a show.

One Friday evening my his parents were gone for the weekend and I was doing my usual thing in the back yard. He leaned over the fence and waved me over. I had on a t-shirt and gym shorts with no underwear. He asked if I wanted to come over and have a beer. I'd only drank beer a couple of times but loved the way it made me feel. He said his parents wouldn't be home until Sunday so it was okay. I said "What the fuck. Sure." My nipples got hard by the time I walked around and over to his back yard. We walked in through the double doors on his back porch and he went to the fridge and brought back a couple of beers. We often flirted a bit so I didn't think too much of it when he said that when I was drunk enough he would make me suck his cock and fuck me until my pussy was wore out. This was an escalation of our flirting but I figured he was already half drunk and didn't really mean it, like usual. I said "You know I'm only 16." He laughed and said "I know. But your mouth and tits say you want my cock. Isn't that right?" I wasn't sure what to say at that. We sat and watched TV for the next hour while I drank about five beers. I was feeling pretty fucking drunk when he stood up and said "It's time." I asked him time for what and he said "for your lips to be wrapped around my cock. He proceeded to take his pants off. He wasn't wearing underwear and his cock popped out as he pulled his pants down. I had never actually touched a cock before but had watched plenty of porn with my hand in my cunt. It was a little smaller than most of the guys on the videos but I was intrigued. He told me to take my shirt off and stand up. I complied and when I was standing he reached out and took a breast in each hand. It felt different with somebody else's hands on my tits but when he started to roll my nipples in his fingers I nearly came right there. "Oh fuck" I said and nearly melted when he said "You're ready for my cock aren't you?" I shook my head and he gently pushed me down and said to suck him. "My first blowjob" I thought and took his cock into my mouth. It was baby soft even as it started to get hard. He started to mouth fuck me and by the time he was hard his cock was about seven inches long. I couldn't get it all into my mouth and he said he had waited for this for years.

He fucked my mouth for about 10 minutes and said he was going to fill my mouth. I didn't take my mouth off of his cock as he started to cum. I tried to swallow as much as I could. Some dripped out of my mouth as he finished cumming and said to keep sucking him until he was hard again. It took a good 20 minutes but I finally got him hard. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said to take my shorts off. He had me sit on the couch and pulled me forward. My cunt was already wet when he stuck his tongue inside me. I had been shaving my pussy for about a year now and it was smooth and baby soft. He was tongue fucking me when I came. I shuddered and let go. What a fucking feeling. This was much better than my hand or even my mom's dildo. After I had cum a second time he had me kneel on the floor over the couch and knelt behind me. He shoved his cock inside me. He started to slowly fuck me and started to thrust faster. I had the most intense orgasm of my life as he fucked me deep and hard. I was grunting with each stroke and he reached around and started to pull on my nipples. I kept telling him to pull harder, and the harder he pulled the more intense it felt. I was cumming time after time when he said he was ready. I said "Ready to cum?" and he pulled out. He said no, that he was ready to fuck me in the ass. He used my own juices to lubricate my asshole. I said I didn't want to do that but he ignored me and shoved his cock deep in my ass. It hurt life a fucking bitch and I cried out. He reached around again and grabbed my nipples and pulled them hard. He said he knew I was a fucking whore and would love it up the ass. He had me pinned over the couch and was much bigger than me so I couldn't really fight him off. After a minute or so my ass started to relax and he fucked me like this for another 10 minutes. Then he asked if I wanted it in my ass or in my mouth. I had cum again, even through the pain and said it was his choice. He thrust a few more times and I felt his warm cum leaking out of my ass. His cock got soft and he pulled out.

He went into the kitchen and got some more beers. We drank for another hour, sitting there naked and him playing with my tits. I was so relaxed from the beer that I didn't care who it was, only that his hands on my nipples felt really good. After another couple of beers I couldn't hardly stand and said I couldn't go home in this condition. he said "No problem. It's only eight o'clock and we have plenty of time. We sat there for another 15 minutes and I saw him stroking his cock. He said that I needed to suck him again before I could go home. In my drunken state all I wanted to do was suck his cock again. I bent over and took his cock back in my mouth. He had recovered enough to get hard but it took almost an hour before he was ready to cum. As he got hard he told me to finger fuck myself. I put two fingers in my cunt and closed my eyes. I couldn't believed I was actually sucking his cock and masturbating in front of him. He ended up cumming in my mouth for the second time. He told me to keep sucking until I was totally spent. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth. He played with my tits a while longer and told me to make myself cum one more time. I did and sat there for a while and fell asleep. He woke me up at 10:30. He said to tell my parents we were playing cribbage. I finally got dressed and headed home. I headed straight to bed, still half drunk. I was still horny and three fingers in my cunt when the door opened and my step-dad walked in. I never really liked him because he was a mean drunk. He said mom was asleep and we had all night to get to know each other. I didn't have any clothes on laying on my bed and he crawled on the bed.

As it turned out I ended up getting fucked by him that night. He was a fucking asshole but man he had a big cock. It seemed much larger than John's cock and made me cum several times before he left my room. I think he came inside me and I know I swallowed a load of his cum. Over the next two years I sucked his cock whenever we were alone and I loved it. I even managed to suck John's cock quite a few times until I went off to college. I think my step-dad was more sorry to see me go. He said my mom never sucked cock like me and my tits were bigger than hers. He was my step-dad but he was also my lover and despite his fucked up attitude toward women I kept him satisfied with my mouth and cunt.

I came to love sucking cock and being fucked in both my cunt and asshole and became the most sought after pair of lips in college. I'm a full blown whore but I don't mind. I find that with a good blowjob I can get nearly everything I want, and I take full advantage of it. Those poor fucking boys.