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So I remember when I was around 16, me and my cousin were in the backseat in a van at sonic. His mom and her friend were in the front. They were playing this one song by Usher and my cousin and I couldn't help but to dance to it. So as we were dancing, his mom looked back at me and smiled. I felt kind of weird at first because I knew that look. I didn't mind it though because I kind of liked the attention, it was just that it was coming from my own aunt. Then when she turned away her friend stared at me through the rearview mirror and licked her lips. After that she ordered everybody's food.

Another song by R Kelly came on this time and that's when me and my cousin went hard. My aunt looked back at me again and this time she blurted out "If you wasn't my nephew I would Fuck you". So I'm sitting there in shock, looking at my cousin for conformation like she really just said that shit. Then after we got our food and headed back to my grandma's house (that's where we were living at the time), she kept turning her head at me.

So 3 years after that happened I was helping my aunt and my other aunt move. I ended up staying at their place for some reason after I helped them to move. After about a month I remember my aunt was about to go to work when their dog escaped and ran from the house. So I went out to get her and that's when my aunt caught her. She then handed her to my lil cousin so he could put her back in the house. As he was doing that I thought to myself, maybe I could try something. A few days prior, my aunt told me when we were moving that one day when we were alone in the house that she was going to try to Fuck me. So I went up to her before she could get into her car and I hugged her. Then I put my arms around her waist and looked at her like I wanted a kiss and kissed her. I looked around to make sure nobody was watching and then kissed her again. So after she left I went and jerked my dick in the bathroom.

At around 6:00 the next morning my aunt came home from work. When she came in the house I woke up and seen her head to her room. About 20 minutes passed and I couldn't go back to sleep so I got on my phone. That's when I heard her door close and she came into the front room where I was and she was booty butt naked. My dick got hard when I noticed her curves, and then she came and sat on top of me. I still had the blanket on me so I couldn't really do nothing. That's when she whispered in my ear "I like how you kissed me it felt good nephew" and then we made out. I started rubbing on her and she told me how she doesn't ever get touched like that. As I was about to tell her to get up so I could pull my dick out, my other aunt called her into the room.

So the very next day school was starting back up. In the morning at like 4 or 5, my aunt came back to the front room and I sat up. She went to the kitchen so I didn't think she was coming for me, so I just got on my phone. That's when she came back and sat in my lap. I caressed her again and we made out. She grinded on me slowly as we were kissing and then I kissed her on her neck and sucked on it. She wasn't as dark as me so you could kind of see a hickey there. Then my lil cousin went to the bathroom and my aunt hurried up and jumped off of me to kind of hide herself. My cousin then went back to his room and closed the door.

After that my aunt got on her knees. She told me to pull my pajamas down and I knew she wanted to suck my dick. As I did and she shoved it in her mouth. As she was sucking I could feel her tongue massaging my dick, and I could see her saliva drip down to my balls. Then after about a minute, she started gagging and deep throating. As her head would come up, more saliva came dripping down. Then she licked my shaft real slow, kissed my tip and slapped it on her lips and face. I'm not gonna lie I was really liking this. Afterwards, she put it back in her mouth and deep throated again. I could feel my dick in her throat and it felt so fucking amazing. The way she was gagging and choosing my dick over oxygen made me fall in love with it. After that she spit on it and licked it some more. Then started sucking the head. That's when I told her I was about to nut and she looked me dead in my eyes and said "Nut for me baby". When it started coming out she put my dick on her face. My kids shot all over her face and then she rubbed it in with my dick. Then she went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and went back to her room with my other aunt. Btw yes they're lesbians.

So later that day my other aunt took my lil cousin to school. His first day as a Jr. in high school. Then she was gonna head to work. So after about and hour my aunt texted me "Come play in the pussy". So I got up and went to her room. She was laying there naked and ready to go. I took off my clothes and got in the bed. I got on top of her and made out with her for a lil bit. Then kissed her neck. As I sat up in the bed she grabbed my dick and commented on how hard I was. She then laid on her side and sucked it while I sat on my knees. Then she got in doggy position and said "You ready". I played with her pussy with my hard dick and then I slipped it in. I stroked slow, then I sped up and stroked harder and faster with every stroke. She moaned so loud that I thought the neighbors could hear us but I didn't care cuz it felt so good. She was so wet fam. The fact that her ass was fat and it jiggled every time I went in, and the arch she had in her back was like a porn star's.

So she nutted and it was so hard that I felt her squirt. When I pulled out the bed had a huge wet spot that covered most of the middle. Then I laid on my back and she got on top. She rode me like a horse and then did reverse cowgirl. She came three times in those positions. Then I had her faced down ass up at the end of the bed and stroked her hard doggy. Then she told me to put it in her ass so we did anal. I put it back in her pussy after some time and she nutted on my dick one more time. Then I felt myself about to nut and I asked her when I could cum at. As I was stroking she said to cum in her. She said "Cum in me! Cum in me daddy fucking cum in me! Ooo I love you!", so I did. I came in her. She couldn't get pregnant because of when she gave birth to my cousin, the one that was in the back seat with me that one day. And she's in her 40s so she wasn't having anymore kids. So anyway after I nutted in her I pulled out and she sucked on my dick a lil bit. Then I got dressed and went back to the front room.

We kept fucking after that when we could, and we still Fuck today. I'm 20 now but I moved away from over there about a month after we first fucked and moved in with my girlfriend. Nobody knows about our affairs and I dont think anybody's gonna find out. The thing about incest is that once you get past the titles it doesn't really matter, plus it's fun and unusual.