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I got out of the Army and got an apartment to be on my own. One night Dana knocked on my door. She said Mike was out of town and she really needed a man. I took that to mean she needed to be fucked. We drank some beers and she was getting pretty loose. I put a hand on her tit and she said that was pretty lame. She undid her blouse and unclipped her bra from the front. she said that she needed a lot of cock when her husband was out of town. I stood in front of her and she unzipped me. She took my cock out and started to suck me. When I was hard she said she needed to be fucked. She stood up and pulled her pants down along with her panties. She knelt down and bent over my couch and said to fuck her. I decided this was the perfect opportunity so I scooted up to her and plunged my cock in her cunt. I fucked her until she came and kept fucking her. We both came about the same time and I filled her cunt with my jizz. She finally got up and siad it was the best fuck she'd ever had. She left, saying that Mike would be home the next day.

That was Wednesday and Mike got home Thursday. On Friday He knocked on the door. We were friendly but not really close. He had a case of beer in his hand and said his wife thought we should be friends. I let him in and we were soon downing beer after beer. We talked about his job, my job and pretty soon I was pretty drunk when he moved over to me on the couch and looked at me. "So, how long since somebody sucked your cock?" I said that it had been over a year and he reached down and unzipped my pants. "You poor guy" he said as he was fishing my cock out through my shorts. He bent down and started to suck me. When I said I wasn't gay he said that didn't matter and took my entire cock in his mouth. He then asked if I wanted him to continue. It felt fucking great and told him that I was gonna cum pretty soon. He had me stand up and took my pants and undies down. He continued to suck my cock and I got hard.. Then he took his mouth off my cock and said that he would drain me if he could fuck me. I was horny as fuck so I agreed. He put his mouth back on my cock and started to suck me until I came. I filled his mouth with my load and he took it all. At the same time I started cumming he shoved two fingers in my ass. It felt great and he drank every fucking drop I gave him. I was spent and relaxed when he said to kneel on all fours.

I got on the floor on all fours and he started to lick my asshole. It felt great and before I knew it his tongue was replaced with his cock ash he shoved his cock inside me. He started to fuck me and I didn't protest. It was one of the greatest feelings I'd ever had. He fucked my ass for the next 20 minutes and came inside me. His cum was oozing out of my ass when he finally pulled out. He finally got dressed and said he had to go. I asked him if his wife knew he liked to suck cock and he said no. Fine.

A couple of weeks later we were outside the apartment having a picnic and I got bole. I asked if they were swingers and they goth said no. The I asked her "what if he wanted to suck my cock, would she let him." When she hesitated I called him over and tole him that she let me fuck her. He seemed to be shocked until I said to her that he sucked my cock and fucked me. She was shocked. We finally talked about it all and I told them that it was okay and I was willing to suck his cock or fuck her anytime they wanted. They didn't know each other was fucking around but since that day they both come over, sometimes one at a time and sometimes together and we suck, fuck, get fucked or whatever three naked people can do and it's been great. I see no end in sight. What a fucking man-slut I am, but I love it all.