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Come to find out, she learned it from her little 8 year old friend next door who is always over out house, they send videos back and forth. So I took her phone, as I started watching a few videos, and seeing the little girl next door plowing her pussy with a bigger brush than my daughter was using, and I started getting hard watching the videos. I tell my daughter she shouldn't use the hair brush handle because it may hurt her, if she is going to masturbate she should use something softer, and she asked what. I laughingly said that really a man's penis is what goes in there, and then she looked right at the bulge in my pants, I then said that her hair brush handle is almost the size of my penis. Still sitting on the floor naked from the down, she asks if she can see my penis, of course you can see it, and I pulled out my rock hard cock.

I then said for her to lay back and spread her legs, I got between her legs, spit on her pussy, and she said ewwwww daddy as I was rubbing the head of my cock on my daughter's bald pussy. I then pushed into her little pussy, she moaned a little, I pulled back a little and pushed almost all of my cock into her tight hole, she only lightly moaned. So I started slow fucking her, she then looks at me with a huge smile, and says we should make a video so she can send it to Bella her little friend next door. I took her phone, started recording, and pointed it at my cock sliding in siding inside her stretched pussy. I pulled my cock out a few times so I got her little pussy gaped open and I'd plunge my cock back into her causing her to moan. The video ended with me pulling out of my daughter and cumming into her hairless gaping pussy hole.

Withing minutes of Amber sending that video to Bella, she texted she's coming over, and in seconds she was knocking on the door. Amber opened the door still bottomless, and as I hear them coming toward the bedroom, they're giggling. When they walk into the bedroom, I'm on the bed stroking my half hard cock and Bella jumps up on the bed, I said nope you have to be naked when you're on my bed. As Bella was taking off her pants off, Amber got between my legs, and took over jacking my now hard cock. I watched Bella's little bald pussy stretch around my cock and she completely sat down on my cock. I flipped her over so I was now on top, I put her feet behind her ears, plunged my cock back inside this little 8 year old girl, and started drilling her pussy, all she did was lay there and moan.

I made sure the video of me on her phone was deleted after I fucked her again, then fucked Amber again, and I shot my seed deep inside their little pussies. My daughter Amber and Bella are both in high school, and they both sell their pussy to older men. Of course they both not only fuck me but they both give me thousands of dollars every month. I love watching my daughter take a man's cock and have her ride my cock with her shaved cum filled pussy.