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I was out with the girls. My bestie Jenny pointed at a guy at the bar and said he had the biggest dick she ever sucked. I was pretty shocked at that. Jenny must be drunk I thought. The other women had already gone home and I was about as drunk as Jenny. Then she said I should ask him to dance. I reminded her that my husband was at home and I should be getting back to him. She said that was bullshit and grabbed my hand. She walked me over to the bar and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and smiled at her. She said "Mark, this is my horny friend Terri and she wants to dance with you." I almost didn't hear her and was shocked again when Mark took my hand and led her to the dance floor. It was a rather slow song the band was playing and Mark pulled me close to him. He was quite a bit taller than me and the longer we danced the more I could feel his bulge against my belly.

We were in the middle of the second song when his hands moved down my back. It was fairly dark and nobody gave a shit what happened on the dance floor so when he bent over a little more and his hands found my ass nobody even noticed. As much as I didn't want to I felt my nipples start to get hard and I didn't want him to stop. He was grounding against me and I finally pulled back a little. When I did he leaned forward and kissed me. His tongue was exploring my mouth and Jenny was right when she said I was her horny friend. I hadn't had sex with my husband for months now and I really wanted a dick inside me. I put my arms around his neck. His hands went back down to my ass and his hand was rubbing up and down my ass crack. The dance was over and he picked me up and walked over to a booth in the corner. It was dark in that corner and he sat me down so I was mostly facing away from the crowd. His hand went over my shoulder and cupped a breast I leaned back against him a little and Jenny scooted into the booth facing me. She scooted over really close and said she wanted to help. When I asked what she meant she put her hand on my bare leg just under my skirt. Mark started to kiss my neck and I didn't want to stop. Jenny's hand moved up closer and it surprised me a bit when her finger worked its way under my panties and found my clit. I moaned and jumped a little. Both of marks hands were now rolling my nipples when Jenny's finger entered me. A minute later I was cumming. Jenny felt it and leaned in and kissed me. I responded. I'm not a lesbian but this was so fucking hot. She fingered my pussy for another five minutes and I was about ready to cum again.

I heard him say to Jenny "I'm ready." She pulled her fingers out of me and quickly pulled my panties down. I lifted up a little to help her. Mark turned me around to face him and said "Sit on my cock." I had no intention of being fucked by a stranger but when he lifted me up I swung a leg over his legs and he lowered me down onto his cock. It was fucking huge. He filled me up more than I had ever been filled. I heard myself say "Oh honey, fuck me harder." I was gyrating on his cock and Jenny moved around to the other side of the booth to shield us from the crowd. She reached a hand out and put it inside my blouse. She was rolling my nipple in her fingers under my bra and I was cumming again. "Oh fuck this is so wrong" I said as Jenny leaned in and kissed me. Our tongues met and I was cumming again. I never came so much in my life. My pussy was being destroyed by this monster and I said I couldn't take it any longer. Mark lifted me off and sat me down next to him. His cock was sticking out of his pants and I was staring at it. Jenny put her hand on my head and pushed me down saying "It's time to suck him." I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. He started to mouth fuck me as Jenny was holding my hair, guiding me up and down on the beautiful cock. She didn't have to hold my head down as I was sucking him on my own.

I had no idea what time it was but I was having the greatest experience of my life but was brought back to reality when the first squirt of his cum hit the back of my throat. At that point Jenny's hand was strong on the back of my head and I couldn't pull off. He filled my mouth with so much cum I choked on half of it and half dribbled out of my mouth. She kept her hand on my head until I had him cleaned off. When I was finally able to take my mouth off of his cock I sat up. Jenny got up and Mark said "Thanks bitch, that was a really good blowjob." He got up, tucked himself back in his pants and walked away.

I was still reeling when Jenny sat back down and hugged me. She looked at my lips and moved in for another kiss. I opened my mouth and we were swapping spit for the next five minutes. Not only did she put her fingers back inside me I found my hand rubbing up and down on her cunt as well. We masturbated each other for the next half hour before finally leaving and she drove me home. In my driveway just before I got out of her car she kissed me again and shoved three fingers back inside me. We stayed in her car for another 10 minutes and I came again. I finally said I had to go. She said this night was our little secret but if I wanted to do it again to let her know. The next Friday night we were at the bar looking for Mark.