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It was our wedding night. He had always been proper and had sex a few times. Nothing kinky and I really loved him. He rides his Harley on the weekends but always came home to me. Anyway after the ceremony he put me on the back of his Harley and he and his Harley buddies followed us to the hotel. We were in the honeymoon suite and after a couple bottles of wine we were ready for bed. We were getting hot and steamy when he grabbed my hands and pulled them behind me. He said he had a super hot surprise for me. I was excited. He then tied my hands behind me and put a mask over my eyes so I couldn't see. Then he strapped a ball gag in my mouth. I was getting a little worried now. He got off the bed and I heard the door open. I couldn't see and could barely make a sound but I knew I wanted no part of what was about to happen.

"Honey" he said. "This is your initiation." He didn't say anything more. I had no idea who or how many there were. I don't even know if my new husband fucked me. For the next two hours I felt hands on my tits, in my cunt, in my ass and had been fucked at least eight times. But the shocker was when I heard them laughing and someone said "Here comes the train." I felt two men lift me up on my knees with my head buried in the pillow and a huge cock was being shoved in my ass. I screamed as best I could and felt him split my asshole apart. At least that was what it felt like. He fucked my ass for about 10 minutes. By that time my asshole was numb and there was very little pain. I heard him grunt and he came inside my ass. I felt the warmth as it oozed out and down across my cunt lips. He finally pulled out and I felt relief. But then I felt a smaller cock enter my ass. It didn't hurt. He finally came and then two more took turns ass fucking me. I was about to pass out when someone undid the ball gag and I felt a giant cock in my mouth. I heard my husband behind me say I had to take it all or he was out of the club. I really didn't have a choice. I was now on my back with a cock in my ass and now this giant in my mouth as he straddled me. He mouth fucked me for a long time and finally started cumming. I had never taken cum in my mouth but didn't have a choice as he filled my mouth and I had to swallow or choke. He finally pulled out and another took his place. I lost track and must have sucked another half dozen men before they all finally got off of me and left. I was shattered. I couldn't believe my sweet new husband was such a fucking pussy, letting his buddies fuck me like that.

Over the next month we fucked like rabbits. He had a nice big dick and it stayed hard long after he came I found our sex lacking. I think he noticed and asked me to tell him the truth, what was wrong? After a little embarrassment I told him that one cock inside me just isn't cutting it. I couldn't believe I said it but he said he had the solution. Again came the embarrassment as he got on his phone. An hour later another eight men were in our living room with their cocks out. Mike, seemingly the leader had the largest cock I'd ever seen. He must have been the one that fucked my ass first that night in the hotel. I couldn't help staring at it and my husband just sat back on the couch and said to go for it. I did. I sucked that big cock then turned around on all fours and told him to give it to me. As I turned around I saw it. What I'd always dreaded. My man was on his knees sucking another guys cock while a third was pounding his ass. I watched him being ass fucked just as I was getting ass fucked. Then another stood in front of me and I was now mirroring my husband as we each were sucking a cock from the front and being ass fucked from the back.

Our marriage never did go back to just us two. I couldn't believe I married a gay man and every time I wanted to talk about it he shut me down. Within six months I left him and hooked up with Mike. He was more than willing to share me with the guys, but the one thing they did that I was happy about was that they kicked that little fucking pussy of a husband out of the club. A year ago I was a demure, shy woman and now I'm the cum slut of this biker gang and having the time of my life.