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When I was around 6yr old my older brother was 15yr old and I always wanted to follow him, but he'd tell me no because he was going to his forte. One day he agreed I can go, but I had to become a member of the club, when he got there it was an old shack back behind our house in the woods, and we went in where another older boy opened the door. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I seen there was three other boys in there around my brother's age, and one of them asked if I want to become a member. Well I did more then anything, so I said yes, and the boy pulled out his dick saying "Okay you have to suck all of our dicks until we cum, and then you have to drink our cum. I didn't know what cum was and I didn't want to sound stupid, I looked over at my brother, and he said "Go ahead and do it or you can't become a member".

I bent over taking this boy's dick in my hand he said "No you have to take your cloths off first", i again looked at my brother, and he said "Come on do it", so I stripped down. I walked over to the boy, which by this time they're all hard, I took the boy's cock in my hand. and started sucking on his dick. I remember him telling me to slide my mouth up and down his dick, so I did. Then the other boys gathered around, one of them started rubbing my butt, which felt good, and then he spread my butt cheeks open saying "Look at that little bootie hole"! I then felt him plunge his finger into my butt hole, pulling it out, spitting on my butt, and plunged his finger back into me. By this time I felt the boy's dick I was sucking squirt something into my mouth as he's moaning and gowning, and it didn't taste bad, so I swallowed it. I then heard a boy say it's my turn now and he shoved his dick in my face, so I started sucking him now as the other boy was still shoving his fingers in my butt.

It was not long before I heard the boy I was sucking say "Oh fuck he can suck cock", then started grunting, and again I felt the boy squirt something in my mouth. Then my brother stepped in front of me, I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking his dick. The boy that was fingering my butt says "I can't wait, I want his little butt, and as I have my brother's dick in my mouth, I feel something big being pushed into my butt hole. It hurt but I didn't want to say anything because I wanted to show them I was tough, as I looked back for a second I realized the boy was pushing his dick in my butt, and I started sucking my brother's dick again. The boy fucking my butt hole announces in a rather loud voice "Oh fuck his ass is tight, I'm going to cum", I feel my butt hole become wet and sloppy as 'the boy is still fucking my butt, I hear my brother moan, and then he started pumping his cum in my mouth.

The three boys and my brother spent the rest of the afternoon using my mouth or butt hole. Needless to say they let me became a member of their club, that night my brother told me to come sleep in his bed, I walked over to his bed, and I knew what he wanted, so I got naked then climbed into bed with him. He was already rock hard, so he told me to lay on my belly, and I felt him spit on my butt, and then I felt his dick enter my butt hole. He started fucking me slow at first, then he started really driving his dick into my butt hole hard, again it hurt a little, and I remember him lean down whispering in my ear "Damn your little butt feels so good on my cock", he then grunted, and then I felt my butt hole get sloppy as he's still driving his dick into me.

The next day we went to the club house, when I want in they were all naked, and there was two new boys, so there was five boys and then my brother. They all took turns fucking my butt that day and I remember feeling their cum leaking out of my butt home as I was walking home with my brother that night. I became their little fuck toy and a lot of times they had a new boy with them. After a couple summers of me letting all the boys in this club fuck me, I was around 8yr old when I was at the local park waiting on my brother, and there was a guy in a car that kept flashing his dick. So I kind of walked over closer to get a better view, he opened his car door so I walked even closer, he motioned me over, and I walked right up to him setting in his car stroking his dick. So I simple bent over and stated sucking his cock, he didn't last long at all, and then he started filling my mouth with cum. The guy left in a hurry, but I remember that really excited me sucking some strange man's cock, and drinking his cum.

So I was around 8yr old when I started hanging around that park after school, then one day there was a guy kept going into the restroom at the park, so I went into the restroom, and he's standing there jacking his cock, so I walked up to him taking his cock in my hand, and then sucked him off. Just as the guy was pumping cum in my mouth, the guy I sucked off the day before walked in, and scared the fuck out of the guy I was sucking off. The other guy took me into a stall, he sat on the toilet, and I started to suck him. I looked up asking "You want to put it in my butt", of course he says yes, and I climb up on him taking his cock, and lining it up to my hole, and then I sat all the way down on his dick. I remember him moaning when I sat down, he then took me by my hips, and started fucking my butt hole. I had a few regulars at that park that would wait for me to show, I'd let them fuck me, and cum in my ass.

I was an 8yr old little cum slut and I loved letting men use my butt hole to get off.