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so i'm 15, and i have this hot sexual fantasy for me to be 'using' (jerking my cock) in the bathroom, and for a big 40 year old bear to come into the stall when nobody is looking, and for us to just have the best gay sex ever. i would want to suck and fuck his dick, and have him suck my tiny cock until i cum hard into his mouth, only for him to spit it back in my mouth. i would love to be used by an older man, and the thought of it happening in a public bathroom stall just makes me so fucking hard. i would love to be fucking raped and used. after both of us cumming in the bathroom stall, and the bear using my man cunt for his own sake, id be put in a van and taken to be sexually broken by multiple men. in short, i would fucking love to be brutally raped. mmmmmmm. add my burner snapchat so we can talk ;) don't think i'm 15? i'll send pictures of my small penis to prove it. @will4centuries2