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I'm in my mid 40s, single, and being bisexual I lead a rather very sexual lifestyle. I work helping the elderly with heavier tasks , yard work, home repair, things of that nature, and I was helping this couple in their mid 60s. He's a taller man slender man and she is a chunky woman, not fat but chunky. So one day I'm there in the morning, she asks if I'd help him into the shower because has a hard time, and I agree then go in to help him. I walk in he's standing there naked, this fucking old man had at least a 8" cock, and it was fucking soft, hanging! The day goes on, they're always bickering at each other, so I ask them why they're always fussing, and she blurts out; "Well he won't screw me"! I was a tad shocked, didn't know what to say, and she then says; "He'd rather fuck a guys ass than me". He then jumps in saying; "Well her pussy is like the Grand Canon", again I'm still fumbling for words, and he then says; "Shit I can fist her pussy it's so big". I say; "So what's wrong with that, matter fact that's kind of hot", and laughed. He then says; "Fuck you can fist her then because that don't get me off, I want something tight" She then says; "He'd be better at it then you would at least and you can go fuck some guy's ass", and I say; "Well if he gives yo what you like, then what's wrong with you allowing him what he likes", he then says; "Yeah"!

Remembering what I seen in the morning and being a bisexual power bottom, I was always on the lookout for big cock. So I come out with; "Well I'm bisexual man, I think what ever feels good, I'm good with that, and I've done both, (pointing at her) I've used my fist and huge dildos on women, (then pointing at him), and then I've also let men fuck me before too". They both kind of looked at each other for a few seconds, then he says; "Well shit, that works for me" and she stands up pulling her nightgown up saying; "that works, come get sweetie", sits back down spreading her legs exposing her rather big shaved pussy. I reply; "Oh wait I have to clean up first, can I take a quick shower", she says; "Sure honey, we'll met you in the bedroom".

The shower was more to clean out then clean up, I walked into the bedroom, she's on the bed legs wide open rubbing her gaping pussy, and he's standing next to the bed with the biggest cock I've ever seen on a white guy. I get on the bed between her legs, I start licking her pussy, and dipped all four of my fingers into her gaping sloppy wet pussy. He gets on the bed behind me, I feel him pouring lube all over my ass, and down my crack, and then he says; "Oh this is going to be fun". At this point I already have my whole hand inside this old lady's huge pussy, I then feel his huge cock open up my ass cheeks, and he starts pushing his cock into my asshole. She's moaning, squirting all over my face, I then feel his huge cock enter me, he pushed just a little of his cock in me, and I pushed back onto his cock letting him know I can take it, and then I felt him sink his whole cock deep inside me. He started slow fucking me at first, then he started picking up his pace, and his huge cock felt so good fucking me. He says; "Oh fuck does your ass feel good", she says; "Oh fuck can he work my pussy", and I shove my fist into her cunt saying; "That's it, take this monster cock as your man fucks my ass", they both moaned at the same time. His cock was so big I actually felt his cock swell just before I felt him blast cum into my ass and she's moaning head back as I felt her pussy squeeze down on my fist as a thick cum gushed from her huge hole.

After we rested a bit, talking and joking around, we got up to get something to drink. We was in the kitchen when he started rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack, I then felt his cock slip back into my ass. He started fucking me right over the sink as his wife watched us fingering herself, he had his hands on my hips, and started just drilling my ass with his huge cock as she egged him on. Again I felt his cock swell inside me and when he started to cum, I could hear his cum dripping out of my gaped hole, and making plopping sounds as his cum plopped on the floor. As he pulled his cock out of me I actually felt his cum leaking out of my gaped asshole and she says; "It's my turn now"! I got down between her legs and started fisting her which turnred into almost arm fucking her monster cunt.

A couple days later I went over to their house with a horse cock dildo, and I would not believe it if I didn't see it for myself, she took that 14" horse cock to the balls as her husband pumped me full of cum again. Now we fuck all the time.