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I remember the first time someone saw me naked hat shouldn't have I was 5. It got a reaction and I liked how it felt. As I got older and my parents would leave, I would get naked and walk around the house. When I was 11 my friend and I had a sleep over and he said we should run around the neighborhood naked. I wasn't sure if he was joking or not. Around 1 a.m. he got out if his sleeping bag, we were in his backyard under the stars, and was naked. I could see his cock was hard and that brought me to attention too. I got nude as fast as I could but we left out shoes on and went out into the street nude and started running around. Its more fun than sexual but I was hard the whole time. he said we should run to the busier street which we did. We went to where there was a stop light and when a car pulled up we ran across the crosswalk naked. The car honked and we ran. We did that a few times and one time a guy told us to stop and we did. he told us to touch each other, the was the first time my cock was touched.

I started going naked on my own running around or biking and would be out and let my cock stick out of my pants. I even rode my bike naked a few times. As I got braver I would flash people walking by my house. I would open the door and let them see me. I know now how stupid that was as if they would have wanted to get me in trouble they could have told my parents but no one ever did. I would also ride my bike places looking for girls to flash. I was 13 when I saw a cue girl about 10 walking along the rode and stopped and pulled my hard cock out for her to see. She looked a little afraid so I put back in my pants. She walked away a little and turned asking if she could see it again.. I pulled it out with my balls this time and let her see it. I asked if she wanted to touch but she said no to that.

When I was 14 in jr high I joined the track team. There was park near my home that I would run at, I started running there at night and one night decided to run nude. This was the best. When my parents went out I would head to the park in just shorts and running shoes. Since it was dark I would get nude and run holding my shorts. I would be naked there since no one else would be there, however some people did go to the park at night to walk around or make out. I get close to a high school couple making out when the guy stopped and said dude! His girl friend saw me too and they just stared at me for what seemed a long time but was maybe 30 seconds then I ran off and home.

Another time at the park and older guy was there talking on his phone and I decided to run past him before I went home to see what he did. I ran about 10 feet from him my cock very hard as I did and the lights from the parking lot lighting up my body. I ran past him then stopped and looked back. It was like he didn't even see me, so I did it again. I ran past him and he said nice cock. I stopped a ways off and looked back. He was looking in the dark and he said for me to come back. I did and he started talkin g to me telling me how hot I looked. I got brave and got closer. He felt my cock with the back of his hands and it was amazing. Then started to jack me off as we talked. I came and he laughed. I was going to go but he told me to stay and after the tingling went away he started to suck me until I came again. I went back many times but neve had any other success.

I did get felt on time when I was 1 and some girls about 11 walked by and saw me. The talked to me and asked me why I was hard. The told me not to go away they wanted their friend to see. I thought they would just go away about abut 15 minutes later there wee three girls in front of my house. I opened the door so they could see me. I was so hard. I had to duck in when cars came by but let them look. I told them to go around to the back of the house which they did to get a closer look. They got very close and one of them dared another to touch me, she did and it was the best feeling I had ever felt. She played with my cock until I came. She also let me feel her up over her top but one of the other girls pulled up her top and let me feel her little almost flat boobs and play with her nipples.

I would flash as many people as I could and when some new neighbors moved I had a better chance. They had to girls and there was a tree that they would climb that was between our property line. The tree was about 15 feet from my parents bedroom window. When they were up in tree I would get naked and open the blinds to my parents bedroom and stand there nude and very hard of course. The girls were 8 and 10 when I started doing that and they seemed to like it. they would call it the show and when I was out doing yard work I they would ask when the next show was. The older one even came over in a dress that was her mothers and asked if wanted to see under ii. I told her I did. She pulled it up and was nude under it. she stood there and giggled as I looked. She even let me feel her. She did this a few times.

I was giving them the show one time when they asked if they could come over. I opened the back door nude and they looked and I told them they could feel me if they wanted. They did. they younger one was more interested in playing then the older one and even got naked in garage with me and jacked me off. She let me feel her all over and seemed to like it and wanted to do it often.

I was able to go to my first nude beach when I was able to drive. I had no idea what it would be like but loved it. I had to jack off in secret to keep it semi down as i looked at the others (mostly men but some women were there and I liked seeing them nude. Some took interest in me as I was young and I was felt up by both men and women just not many . they liked seeing on someone so young hard and I was happy to be there anf let them, do it. I am not sure how many people saw me naked but loved it .