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I was at the bar drinking because my wife of 23 years didn't want sex anymore. It had been at least 10 years since she was willing to suck my cock and she never swallowed. I was frustrated so I went to the bar. Brandi was the bartender. It was a slow night and I was the only one sitting on a stool. She asked me to pour out my heart to her. I told her I had a nipple fetish but my wife wouldn't even touch my nipples anymore, etc...

Brandi poured me another drink and I was pretty wasted. Then she said "Why don't you give me a ride home. We'll touch your nipples and might even swallow." I couldn't believe she was offering to suck my cock. I was drunk enough to say I'd take her home. She made a phone call and said her shift was over. I drove her about five miles down the road and into an apartment complex. I was staggering as we entered her apartment. She introduced her husband as Tony. He said it was good to meet another gay dude. I told him I wasn't gay and he said that was okay and that I'd have fun anyway. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. I stood there as she stripped me and had me lay on the bed. My cock was about half hard as she bent between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. I was telling her how good it was and was getting harder by the second. Then I felt a pair of hands on my nipples. It was tony working them over. Soft then pulling and twisting and I was soon telling him to pull them harder. I was drunk as shit but sort of know what was happening.

Then I realized he was hovering over me and then his naked body was laying on top of me and he had his large cock between my lips. I instinctively opened my mouth and he dropped his cock in. Now he was sucking my cock and I was sucking him in a 69. I never thought it could turn me on but I was getting off on this. I was actually sucking another man's cock. Then I felt Brandi lift my legs and her tongue was all over my ass and then down to my asshole. She was playing with my nuts and tongue fucking my ass while Tony was sucking my cock. I tried to mumble that I was gonna cum but he just kept sucking. I started to cum and he took it all. All the while Brandi was working my asshole over and now was finger fucking my ass as I was cumming. When Tony had sucked me dry he got off of me and they traded places. Brandi was now sitting on my face with her cunt on my mouth. I reached up and started to fondle her tits and found her nipples. Then she bent down and took my cock back in her mouth. She was sucking me hard and Tony was licking my asshole. I was starting to get hard again when he lifted my legs up and she grabbed them. I thought he was going to continue to lick me when he put his cock up to my slippery asshole and pushed his cock in. This actually got me even hotter and he was soon fucking my ass like I was a woman. He kept telling Brandi how tight my man cunt was. He must have fucked me for at least 20 minutes as I was ready to cum again. When I said that she pulled my entire cock into her mouth and I deposited my load down her throat. She sucked me dry until there wasn't another drop to be found. Then Tony said he was gonna breed me like I was his bitch. I didn't argue as I was still eating Brandi's shaved cunt. She was cumming at the same time he started to cum. He filled my asshole while she filled my mouth. It didn't really hurt when he shoved his cock in my ass and now I felt like I wanted more.

I told him at the beginning I wasn't gay but now I had my doubts. Over the next three years we met several times a month and I had more cock in my ass than my wife had my cock in her cunt. She seemed happy that I didn't want sex with her anymore but I've found a new type of sex that was way better than fucking my wife. Sometimes I fucked Brandi, sometimes she sucked my cock, and sometimes it was just Tony and me or the three of us sucking and fucking each other.

In one night I went from fucking a cold woman twice a year to getting all the pussy and cock I want from a woman I met at the bar. Fuck man, I get horny just thinking about it. Oh damn, I just came in my shorts.