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This event happen last year. My ex and I were 16 and we talked alot. I was very quiet and safe guy but this change when we went on our second or third date. We went fishing because she loved to fish, keep in mind that she didn't come from a good neighborhood and she lived in a trailer park. This old guy, was her only ride and she would give me hints that this old guy and my ex might had done things, me being the safe and innocent, wholesome guy. This really fucked with my emotions and still does, I just care about her and her well being. (Hint as in forced blow jobs and handjobs) I fucking hate that guy, pedo.. okie, our date with the pedo was ok at first, went to a secluded nature trail with a dock at the end of it. Pretty far out from any tourist area just a natural park type thing. After a while my ex gives me some looks and eventually grabs me and take me a bit further in the woods. Keep in mind the pedo old fuck is not too far and can definitely see us if he wanted to. I got giggily, that how's I react when I'm nervous. She wanted to give me a bj. This was my first bj, and I wasnt prepare for this, at the time my dick was like barely 5 inches, but with a bit more girth then most kids my age, after a while I told her I didn't want this and I felt that I disappointed her. We walk back and the pedo pokes fun and cracks joke about it I get mad and leave, a minute later my ex comes up from behind and hugs me. I turn around and told her I was ready, she smile and I sat down by a bench. (The pedo was even closer now) it was so weird, since the summer breeze hit my base as my ex sucks down with her wet and warm mouth, this goes on for 30 mins. I didn't feel comfortable with the pedo around. I eventually came in her mouth and she had lustful eyes, she came up close and told me " can you pull out?" I was shocked and told her yes. Knowing how long it took me from orgasming to actually shoot cum. She took off her pants and boots (goth punk girl. Kidna a turn on now thanks to her..) she stood in her panties and I see she was soaking wet, I get hard again and lay back, she climbs on top of me and she swats down. Jumping on my suliva covered cock. She moan with a little girl voice into my ear (her kink) and I felt her shutter multiple times. We were both in lust. I thusted upward into her as she drop her tight and bushy pussy down on my dick. We go on for a little bit before a boat cruises by. We didn't give a damn and we continue. It's only that my ex open her eyes and notice that the pedo old fag was watching though the bushes and we stop. Me being a creep I ask if I can keep her soaked panties, she says yes shyly as she puts back her jeans. ( I had those dirty cum covered panties for a week or two^^) We make out some more and we head back to the docks. We fish till it was late afternoon and then we walk back. Me and my ex ran back to the car but before emerging from the woods, she tease me about licking and sucking her perky breast, I didn't care about how stupid it looked when I pulled her tits out of her bra and sucked on them. ( She is a couple inches shorter then me so I had to slouch down to suck) she rubs my head as suck then I stop. Acting like a gentleman man and putting them back into her bra, we laugh and we rode back home, she told me the pedo pester her about the whole thing.. I got a bit more stories if you wanna know, I'm 17 now and I'd like to trade stories and or pics if ya want ( prefer woman and girls please lolz) my Kik : butter_man3 (it's an old account that I still use. Don't judge) I've jacked off to this website alot for the past few months and I'd hope you enjoy first high school sex story...(note how I said high school, text me if you wanna know my whole sexual story, from 6 years old to now I've been sexual with friends and family. Hehe hope to hear from you soon!)