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My wife worked at a bank. One night she said we were going to the bank party. All the big wigs were there. The president, the vice and several others high in the bank's organization. We were both pretty wasted form all the alcohol and I was sitting on the couch. The vice president, Jenny came over to me. She was staggering a little and I could tell she had been drinking a bit. When she walked up to me I told her to sit on my lap. She was slender with pretty big tits and she sat facing me. I pulled her in and kissed her. My wife was nearly passed out. I kissed Jenny and put a hand inside her blouse. Then she said "I want you." We kissed again and I put my hand down on her pussy. I rubbed up and down until she got up and said "Let's go." She led me into a bedroom and even before the door was closed she had her blouse off and was unclipping her bra. Her tits were fabulous. I massaged them and tweaked her nipples until she said she had to get me hard. She pulled my pants off and started to suck me. Then she turned around into a 69 position and while she sucked my bock I was eating her cunt. When I was ready to cum she said to let her have it. I came hard and she swallowed it all. Then I tasted her juice as she came in my mouth. She was saying she was so fucking horny and sucked me until I got hard again. Then she plunged down on my cock and said to fuck her like a whore. I thrust up as she sat down and we went on like this for about 20 minutes. She was wearing my cock out as I came for the second time. She collapsed on top of me and said it was the greatest fuck she'd ever had.

My cock is about 7 inches hard so I was able to fill her up pretty good. When we were done fucking she got dressed and walked back out to join the party. My wife was passed out by this time and Jenny said "I have a toast." Everybody raised their glasses and she said "I've just been fucked by the biggest cock in the bank" She pointed to me and they all took a drink. Then she said "and I bet he'll even suck any cock that wants it." John, one of the tellers said "I think I need my cock sucked." Jenny took my hand and led me over to John. She said to kneel down and suck him. I was still pretty drunk so I knelt down. John stood in front of me and unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out and said to suck it. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him. He said he was gonna cum and grabbed my head. He came in my mouth and I took it all. I discovered that night that I loved sucking cock and have been to every party since. And when my wife gets a little too drunk I manage to either fuck one of the women or suck another man's cock. Man, I love her working at the bank.