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I was under Doug's car when I felt her hands up under my gym shorts. Let me back up and give a little back story. My wife of 11 years and I lived next door to Brandi and Doug. He was a large man with a huge belly and she was a fucking knockout. A nice body, large tits with nipples that were prominent and a very pretty face with large pouty lips. Me and her flirted a lot. On occasion they invited us over to play cards on Friday nights. One time when I was sitting across from Brandi I felt her foot on my thigh under the table. I wasn't sure she knew her foot was rubbing on my cock but I kind of had an idea when she winked at me and made some sort of comment about a foot job. It went over my wife's head. Anyway one Saturday afternoon Doug asked me if I could help him change his oil on his vintage Cougar. I knew he couldn't crawl under his car so I said I would help. I was in a t-shirt and gym shorts. It all seemed innocent enough and he jacked the car up just enough for me to crawl under it. I had just pulled out the oil plug when I felt Brandi's hands under my shorts and she had worked her way under my underwear and was playing with my cock. I couldn't really pull myself out from under the car and when she pulled my pants down I was shocked. I was under the car up to my waist and asked what she was doing. She said to not worry, to just lay there and enjoy. Then her mouth was on my cock. It felt great. My wife never did this anymore so I figured it was a welcome distraction. I was hard when she took her mouth off of my cock and backed away. I definitely wanted it more but got the shock of my life when my legs were lifted up and were pinned against the car. I was bent at the waist just enough that when lifted up my legs were parallel to the car. The second shock was when she smeared vaseline all over my asshole and shoved a finger in. My wife used to play with my asshole a little when she sucked me so I thought this was like that.

The biggest surprise of all though was when she pulled her finger out and I felt something much larger being pushed in. "What the fuck?" I demanded. She said "Don't worry honey. You'll enjoy this." It was Doug. He had my legs pinned straight up and was pushing his cock into my asshole. Then he started to slowly fuck me. She started stroking my cock as he got a little faster and deeper. It didn't hurt and I had mixed feelings. Her hand on my cock felt great and his cock in my ass was now feeling pretty good. I couldn't hold back anymore and started cumming. She caught most of it in her hand and when I was spent she rubbed my cum all over his cock as he pistoned in and out. My legs were about numb sticking straight up when he started cumming. He filled my asshole and continued to fuck me until he was soft. Then they pulled me out and she laid down next to me and kissed me. It was a long deep tongue kiss and I felt myself stirring again.

After the kiss she said I couldn't go home with Doug's cum all over me so she said she should get me in the shower. I said okay and she took me in the shower and hopped in with me. She washed me from top to bottom and I soaped her up as much as I could. Her nipples were large and perfect and I actually got hard a second time and she bent down and sucked me until I filled her mouth with what I had left. After we got out and dried each other off she said I could come over and fuck her anytime I wanted. There was one condition: Occasionally I had to suck Doug's cock or let him fuck me. After all I had already been fucked by him once already.

When I finally saw his cock a couple of weeks later I was amazed. It was about seven and a half inches long and average thickness. I could now see what she saw in him. He was a really nice guy and sucked cock as good as Brandi. We all became close friends and in the last two years I've gotten more pussy and cock than I ever imagined. It's too bad my wife is such a cold fucking fish when it comes to sex.