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I was trying to be subtle but his wife caught me looking at his cock. We were all sitting in their living room watching the Superbowl. My wife got bored about halftime and decided to go home. We live a few doors down from Donny and Marissa. We had been drinking the whole first half and I was pretty lit when the halftime show came on. As soon as my wife Teri left Marissa got up and faced me. She sat on my lap and kissed me. This was a total surprise to me but I responded. I opened my eyes and glanced over at Donny and he had his pants around his ankles and was pointing his cock at me. I wasn't gay but I was enthralled with the size of his cock. It seemed much bigger than mine. Marissa broke the kiss and said "I can feel your cock poking me but I think you want something a little bit more."

She undid my pants and shorts and pulled them off. I started to protest but she said "It's okay honey. Just let Donny have his way." As she moved away a little Donny stood up and shed his pants. He walked over to me and stood in front of me. He pulled my head down toward his cock and it twitched. I couldn't help myself and opened my mouth as he put his cock in past my lips. Marissa said "That's it honey. Suck that thing like a little whore would." He began to mouth fuck me as Marissa bent down and took my cock in her mouth. I was moaning as she was getting me harder and harder and within literally seconds I was ready to cum. I grunted and felt her finger being shoved up my ass. She rubbed my prostate and I let fly. I filled her mouth with my entire load and she took it all. I was almost not feeling his cock in my mouth when he started to cum. He held my head as he filled my mouth. I swallowed some but most of it oozed back out of my mouth. He mouth fucked me until he was completely spent.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and she mounted me again. She was now naked and put my mostly hard cock back into her cunt. She started to fuck me and leaned down and kissed me again. I tasted my cum on her tongue and was getting harder with each stroke. I was sort of reclining with my ass almost off of the couch and then felt Donny kneeling between my legs and put his slimy cock up to my asshole. Then he shoved it in. It was slippery enough that it slid right in. It hurt a little but I was pretty much engulfed in fucking Marissa so I hardly noticed. Now I was being fucked for the first time. It was also the first time I had fucked anybody except my wife. What a fucking rush and I felt him when he came in my ass. He was still inside me when I came for the second time in her cunt.

It was in the middle of the third quarter when we all sat back on the couch and started drinking some more. I stared a lot at her tits for the next hour. She said it was okay and even encouraged me to play with them as much as I wanted. I was getting hard again by the time the fourth quarter over. I wanted one of them to suck me again but Marissa said they wanted to watch me jerk off before I left. Donny was in his chair stroking his cock as they both watched me masturbate. What a fucking rush this whole afternoon was over. I finally came a little and they said I could go home.

We spent a lot of time watching sports over the next few years until they moved out of state. I tried to get my wife more involved with my cock and her cunt but she would have none of it. Straight sex was on her agenda and nothing more. Now I've found an older man a few blocks away with a huge cock and he loved to suck and fuck me. We are "golfing" buddies and my wife has no clue that we hardly ever golf. Now I spend a lot of time at his house and have become nearly a full blown fag. I love cock in both my mouth and in my ass and couldn't give a flying fuck if my wife never sucks my cock again.