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She worked in the cubicle next to me and one day Maria came over to ask me a question. Then I felt her hands on my shoulders. We were on our lunch break and everyone else in the office was out. I usually ate at my desk so when she started to massage me I didn't argue. Then her hands moved down to my tits. I reminded her I was married and my wife wouldn't like this. She just responded that my wife was at home masturbating and I should just relax and enjoy it. My cock was starting to get hard as she worked on my nipples. This went on for about 10 minutes and she said she had to get back to work but if I wanted her to finish just ask her if I could drive her home. That's all the encouragement she would need.

Our shift was over and I was getting ready to go and thought about her smoking hot fucking body so I asked her if I could give her a lift home. That's all it took. I drove her to her place and when we got inside she locked her door and turned to me and kissed me. She said that she had played with my tits at lunch but now it was my turn. She walked into the bedroom, taking her clothes off all the way in. Now she was topless and had great looking tits with large nipples. I fondled them and sucked on them for a bit. Then she had me strip and lay on the bed. I did and she immediately took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me hard and kept sucking until I said I was going to cum. She took it all in her mouth and didn't spill a drop.

We sat on the bed and talked about it. She was very open about loving to suck cock and said I had the perfect cock for sucking. I could get it all in her mouth without gagging her and my load was just the right amount. It made me feel good to know somebody appreciated my medium sized cock. After we drank a few beers she said she wanted me to make her cum. I figured I was about to fuck her but when she stripped she laid on the bed and said to lick her pussy. She said she has had a lot of cocks but nothing gets her off like a talented tongue. It had been years since my wife let me eat her out but I was game so I dove between her legs. When she was about to cum she said she was a squirter and I got a mouthful with her moaning quite loudly.

We were finally exhausted and I told her I had to go, but ever since that night at lunch we fondle each other nearly every day. Then one day with just the two of us in the office during lunch she unzipped me and gave me a mind-blowing blowjob right in my cubicle. It only lasted a few minutes but she took it all and I was clean as a whistle when I tucked myself back in my shorts and she went back to her cubicle. This kind of shit went on for the next year or so. I finally talked my wife into sucking my cock and man was she good. I broke it off with Maria and told my wife that I would do anything for her if she just kept sucking me like that. We have a very good marriage and I cum two or three times a week, often into my wife's mouth. I fucking love this.