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My lady-friend and I are in our 50's. She has custody of her 6 year old grand daughter. I have fallen completely head over heals for this sweet, beautiful little girl. They live in a RV so they spend a lot of time at my place. My lady-friend has back problems, so usually sleeps in the recliner in my bedroom and the grand daughter and I sleep in my king size bed. Grandma sleeps like a rock. Nothing wakes her up. The 6 year old is really good at acting like she is asleep. Maybe she is. I don't know. But I usually give her at least 45 minutes to an hour to fall into a deep sleep and then I can do just about anything I want to do to her. She always wears just her panties and one of my t-shirts. The first thing I do is slowly and gently remove her panties. I have never tried to actually put my penis in her. She is just way to tight. I usually spend at least an hour or two just kissing, licking and eating her beautiful little pussy and asshole. The TV and most of the lights stay on all night so visually it is quite pleasing to say the least. I take a lot of pictures and videos. I have not been able to get my finger in her little pussy hole, but the one thing that we both enjoy the most is fingering her asshole. With lots of lube and plenty of patience, I can get my rather large middle finger buried all the way in her butthole. Of course she is pretending to be asleep, but I can tell that she enjoys it. It is simply amazing to me, because it feels like there is so much going on in her beautiful little butthole. I can feel her pulse. I can feel her rectum muscles pulsating. They seem to almost suck my finger into her rectum. I never really push it in. I just keep a slight amount of pressure and kind of wait for her sphincter to relax, little by little, and as it does, my finger is gently sucked in. By the time my finger is completely in, it feels like everything is relaxed but yet it still has a tight grip on my finger. This is when I start gently wiggling my finger around and kind of exploring the inside of her butthole. She seems to really enjoy this part. She usually starts sticking her butt out farther almost like she is trying to open it wider and basically inviting my finger in deeper. She will very subtly wiggle her butt in response. I get the impression that she wants to fuck me back when I am fingering her, but she can't because she is "sleeping." I will very gently remove my finger and start the process all over gain. Most nights we will spend 3 to 5 hours doing this. Of course It gives me a raging hard on the whole time leaking precum, so usually my shorts are soaked. When I am exhausted and ready to go to sleep, I will position my self over her and jack off and cum all over her butt, or pussy or belly button or face. I always gently clean her up and put her panties back on her. She has never said a thing about it. Maybe she really is asleep. Is that possible??