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Well, I've known this eleven year old girl for some time now, she is a very good looking young girl, blonde hair and barely any ass and the starting of breasts, maybe an A cup, it happened on a night that aaI ended up having to watch her for a night, her parents went out of town for a week and a babysitter had been arranged but on the last night something happened and i was asked to watch her as the parents would be home the next afternoon, so it was pretty boring at first, we just watched some television and as it got late she changed into some pajamas, it was a nightgown, throughout the evening as she was sitting about i noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties, idk if thst was normal for her or not, but I thought it was pretty hot, throughout the evening i had been texting my girlfriend at the time and we were talking rather naughty so i was pretty damn horny, i could have fucked a dog if she had one, i desperately needed to get off but this adorable girl would follow me anywhere i went, i finally said that i had to use the restroom and went to hrt parents restroom hoping that I'd have more privacy, while looking around ai found a bottle of extra strength sleeping meds, my plan was to drug her so that she'd sleep hard ane i could get off with no worries off getting caught, so I mashed up a few of the pills into some ice cream i found in the freezer and she ate it all, within fifteen minutes she told me that she felt really sleepy and needed to go to bed, she was out cold not long after that, now my plan was to just pull up her nightgown and look at her, maybe touch her a little as i masturbated over her, that's what I did, i played with her little breasts and started to explore her little hairless pussy, i noticed that she started to get wet so i tried to slip a finger in, i noticed that there was no resistance, she had already popped her cherry, my heart started to race as my cock throbbed, i just couldn't help myself, i pulled her to the edge of the bed and placed a pillow under her ass to raise her up enough for me to enter her, now I have a modest almost seven inch cock, with very little effort half of me sank into her incredibly tight pussy, i froze in pleasure as i adjusted to the feeling tgen began thrusting into her, after about five minutes all but about an inch of me was inside of her, it was and still is the tightest pussy I've ever been inside of, it didn't take long before my balls began to tighten up and i started pounding into her, i pushed myself as deep as I could go and exploded inside her pussy,it started to leak out as i continued to thrust, i had never cum so hard in my life, i fucked her two more times that night, i made sure to clean her up really good before i left her alone and passed out on the couch, sadly she moved away not long after that