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I'm a bi-sexual married 40 something man. It wasn't always that way. I get away occasionally and get someone to shove his cock in my mouth. One night I was invited to an all-man party. My wife understood, thinking we were going to just play cards. I got there and Jason invited me in. We sat and drank for about an hour and when all were here he gave us the rules of that night's game. We were each given a number and put in a bucket. There were 12 of us there. The first guy would pick a number. His number and the number he chose were together. However he didn't know who the other number was.

It was my turn and I chose number 4. My number and the number 4 were taken out of the bucket. It was my turn so Jason took me into the second bedroom down the hall. He had me strip and put a sleeping mask on me and said I couldn't see who it was. I was pretty excited. He laid me on the bed with my cock already getting hard. I heard the door close and tried to relax. I felt someone pull my legs apart and bend over to take my cock in his mouth. Then I was surprised when someone else crawled on the bed and straddled my chest. I felt a cock push its way into my mouth. Just before it went all the way in I said I didn't swallow and he just ignored me. My arms were pinned to my sides and I couldn't fight it if I wanted to. Then I felt a hand run up and down my ass crack. Even with a cock in my mouth I managed to say I didn't do anal. Again they ignored me. After a couple of minutes of sucking me he took his mouth off of my cock. Then I felt something against my asshole. My legs were being held apart by two other guys and I felt that cock being pushed into me. I tried to struggle away but was pretty much immobile.

The cock was nearly all the way in and he held it there until the pain subsided. I was nearly in tears for a couple of minutes until the pain passed, then he started to slowly fuck me. His cock was rubbing my prostate with each thrust and I was starting to like it. I found myself moaning just a little as I was being ass fucked and mouth fucked at the same time. Even though I warned them I didn't swallow when the cock in my mouth started cumming I didn't have much of a choice but to take it all. I choked a little at first but the cum just kept flowing and he didn't pull his cock out until I had taken his entire load. As soon as he pulled out of my mouth another man took his place. I ended up swallowing his load as well and by the time the fourth man came in my mouth I was enjoying it. About the time the fourth man emptied his nuts in my mouth the guy fucking my ass was pounding me hard and deep. I was really into it when he grabbed my hips and thrust forward one last time and came in my ass. He finally pulled out and I thought we were done.

When he pulled out another took his place, then a third and finally a fourth. I still have no idea who mouth fucked me and who ass fucked me but I ended up loving it all. Ever since that night I longed to have something in my ass. I finally bought my wife a vibrating dildo. She rarely uses it but I shove it in my ass every time she's gone. It really gets me turned on but there's still nothing like having a real live big cock fucking me. Now I get fucked as often as I can. All I have to say to another gay man is "Fuck me like you own me." This gas gotten me more cock than I could ever imagine.