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Her name was Maria and she had a smoking body. A couple times a year she comes to town for a conference. We'd been friends for quite a few years. We flirted back and forth over the years. One night when we were sharing dinner at her hotel and she brought up the subject of sexual harassment. We had a few drinks and I blurted out "So, what if someone were to grab your ass, would you report him?" She hemmed and hawed a bit and we drank a little more. Then she said "It wouldn't be harassment if it was you." I got bold and moved my chair around next to hers. The place was almost empty. I put my hand on her thigh and said "What about this?" She responded "Only if your hand doesn't go higher." She reached down and put her hand on my cock and smiled at me. Then she suggested we go up to her hotel room. I figured I needed to sober up a little so I said okay.

We got up to her room and she just plopped down on her bed. She unbuttoned her blouse and said "So stud, what are you gonna do to me?" I hesitated and she said "Speak up. Give me a blow by blow of what you want to do." I started in, "First I'd strip you naked, then I'd start at your lips and mouth fuck you with my tongue. Then I'd work my way down to your gorgeous tits and suck on them a bit while rubbing your pussy. Then I'd kiss my way down to your bush and lick you until you cum. When you're nice and slippery then I'd turn you over and fuck you doggie style. And if you're a good girl I'd turn you back over and fuck you again."

She just motioned me down onto her. I quickly stripped and crawled on top of her. I did just what I said and by the time I was ready to fuck her my cock was rock hard. I fucked her for about 10 minutes and filled her with my nut juice. I rolled off of her and didn't have a chance to roll her over when she mounted me in a 69 and started to suck me. Her cum-filled cunt was on my face and I happily started to tongue fuck her, my cum dripping out of her and into my mouth. She sucked me for the next 15 minutes until I was hard again. Then she turned around and plopped down onto my cock. She told me to work her nipples and I reached and took a tit in each hand. They were perfect. Nice and full with large nips. She kept telling me to pull her nipples harder and harder until they were stretched to the max. When she was about to cum she leaned forward and shoved her tongue in my mouth. She was so sexy that I came again. That we the first double cum I'd had in years.

I thought this was the greatest fuck I'd ever had. She finally rolled off of me. She went to the mini-fridge and brought out a couple of wine coolers. We drank them and she brought out a couple more. Within the hour we were both pretty drunk again. When I said I should leave she pushed me back onto the bed and mounted me in a 69 again. Her cunt was so nice and when I started sucking on her clit she shoved her mouth over my entire cock and sucked me hard again. I made her cum with sucking on her clit twice and said I was ready to fuck her again. She said no way and continued to suck me until I said I was about to cum. It wasn't much but she sucked me dry. She wore my cock out and I told her that was the first triple cum I'd ever had.

Over the next four years we meet in her hotel room twice a year and cum more than the rest of the year. I know she likes my cock and I absolutely love her hot body. One time she told me that she often thinks of my cock when she's masturbating and I said that it was the same for me. The next time she insisted that the next time we met she wanted to watch me jerk off. I did and before I could cum she shoved three fingers inside her and made herself cum at the same time. We're not in love. I have a wife at home but we sure enjoy each other's body every time we get together. Man, what a fucking hot babe.