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My Grandma lives alone and always needs yard work done, but never has any money. My Mom makes me go whenever she calls only this my brother was home so he had to go with me. We got to Grams about 1:00 and she had mowing and trimming for us to do. We worked until 6:00 and she made supper for us and then asked if we could spend the night. I called Mom and she said ok, but don't stay up late and be a pest Granny needs her rest.

After the kitchen was clean we watched some tv and went to bed early. My brother and I sleep in different rooms some time during the night I heard some noise that woke me I lay there and listen and I could hear Granny moaning. I got up and walked down the hall and when I got to Grams room I opened the door and my brother was on top of her. I stood their with my mouth open and saw my brother humping Granny and her just moaning and saying more don't stop. My Granny is about 62 years old and I was watching her get drilled by my brother. I walked over to the bed and Granny said come on and join us she reached out and graped at my cock and said take off your clothes. My brother said as soon as I finish you can jump in her. I took off my clothes and Granny took my cock and started sucking it. My brother said move your ass I am going to come in you. She stopped sucking me and grabbed my brothers ass and pulled him into her and he screamed here I come. Fill Grannys hole she said and he did.

They lay there on in a pool of body fluid panting when my brother said that is the best fuck I have ever had. Jim you have got to have some of this pussy my brother said as he rolled off her.

My brother is 4 years older that me and I am sure he has gotten laid before, but I am a virgin.

The light from the lamp light up her crack and it was wet and hairy. She closed her legs and moved over to the side of the bed and said sit down near me. I did as she said and she bent over and started sucking my cock again. Jim left the room saying I leave you in good hands and mouth.

Granny did you suck Jim's cock I asked. Just a little he wanted pussy do you like me to suck on you she asked?

I love the way it feels I have never had this before I told her. Let me suck your nut sack you will like that I am sure just don't come yet she said.

By now my cock was super hard and she went back to sucking it. Don't come in my mouth she said save it for my pussy.

I said you are going to make me come in your mouth if you keep sucking me I told her.

Come here and stick it in my pussy she begged.

I had never been in a woman before and it felt so good sliding my cock into her. She said easy go easy fuck me slow and deep. I shoved my cock into her as far as it would go and it felt so good I started going a little faster.

You are going to shoot that cum out of your cock right into my pussy she said as she grabbed my ass and started working her pussy.

She was right I began coming inside her,oh I can't tell you how great it felt as she worked her pussy up and down forward and then back. She said keep your cock in me until it gets soft I love the way it feels she said in a loud voice. I did as she said and just lay there soaking in her pussy I could feel my cock getting soft, but she still keep pushing her pussy up into me.

Finally my cock fell out of her and a gush of cum followed all over the bed. You sure shoot a big load out of that cock of yours she said now you had better go to your room and get some sleep tomorrow is a work day.

I walked out of the door and said Good Night Granny.