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From PE class I knew Art had a bigger cock than me. We were both in our 40s and lived a few houses down from each other. He was my best friend since middle school and we did most things together. My wife wanted a big screen TV so I bought her a 60 inch. Then it was Superbowl time. I invited him over and my wife decided to go visit his wife while the game was on. We were alone sitting on the couch in our gym shorts watching the game and drinking beer. About halfway through the second quarter I looked over and he had his hand on his cock and was playing a little. I kept glancing over and when halftime started he pulled his shorts up so his cock was sticking out of one leg.

I realized then that he saw me staring and he said "You know, my wife hasn't sucked my cock in three months. You wanna do it?" I think he knew I was his junior when it came to manliness and I told him I wasn't gay. He simply said "Tonight you are." He grabbed my ear and pulled me down. I secretly wanted to do it but need a little push and I thought this was it. With him pulling me by the ear I reached over and pulled his shorts over his cock. It was at least two inches bigger than mine and I let him pull me down onto him. I put my lips on his cock and started to suck him. I was loving it. He said he didn't want to cum in my mouth. I was grateful for that. Then he said "Instead I'm gonna cum in your ass. I tried to pull away but he still had my ear in his hand.

He kept me on his cock until it was rock hard. Then he let me go and said to strip and get on all fours. The one time we fought he beat the shit out of me so I knew he could take me. I sheepishly stood up and stripped. Then he told me to get on all fours on the floor. I knelt on the carpet and put my head down into the rug and felt his tongue on my ass. This felt really good as he licked my asshole then I felt him scoot up behind me and shove his cock inside me. I was pretty well lubed from his spit and after I got over the initial pain and he started to fuck me I started to enjoy it. He said it didn't mean he was gay but he just liked to fuck a tight hole. When I didn't respond he said "that means that you must be gay." I didn't respond and three minutes later he filled my ass with his jizz.

When he finally pulled out he told me to roll over. I did and he straddled my chest and shoved his cock back in my mouth. He was still dripping a little and I tasted his cum in my mouth. Se said that was so good that he thought I should suck him until he came again. I did and by the middle of the third quarter I had swallowed his second load.

We didn't talk about it but the next Saturday he invited me over to help him with his car. I ended up sucking his cock that afternoon and every Saturday for the next four years. He moved away for his job and I have been seeking strange ever since. I usually either suck a strange cock or get fucked nearly every weekend. I still manage to fuck my wife a couple of times a month and that satisfies her but she has no knowledge that I get fucked more than she does.