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dont get me wrong im not a rapist, i just like raping my roblox friends and i get robux for it so its fun. if u dont know what robux is then die u fucking faggot, ok so this is how it happened:

i was playing meepcity with her and she was having a party at her house and me, being the respectful christian alpha male i am, i knew i had to rape her so i had some drugs in my pockets and went to get her a drink (of course she didnt know about the drugs lol otherwise it wouldn't be fun), i got her some vodka cause she has russian ascendascy and put the drugs in there and mixed, after that i gave her the drink and she drank it all, i was surprised by how fucking disgusting that bitch was while drinking vodka, that whore didnt even kiss me after i payed fucking 10 robux for the stupid vodka, i should've just drinked it myself and fucking rape her while she was completely sane and conscious but oh well. after she drank it i waited like 15 minutes to let the drugs take effect and after those 15 minutes i grabbed her arm and ran to the bathroom with her, when we got there i fucking ripped her clothes off and straight up spread her legs and started licking that pussy, and damn it smelled like fish and tasted like shit but i just didnt give a fuck i kept licking her pussy and after 2 minutes of licking i started fapping and aiming for her mouth, i came inside her mouth, BUT NAH I WASN'T DONE i had to get inside her pussy so i just waited a minute or 2 and got hard again and started humping that bitch till both of us came. i dont regret this, id do it again, the robloxian police still hasn't caught me and i doubt they will. this is it u can read the next confession now.