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I was 5 year old girl I remembered I was playing outside looking for those bugs we called 'rolly pollies' and I would usually look where my neighbors used to live they are an old couple the old man his name is Joseph he helped fought WW2. The couple always allowed me to come over because they had a dog and I would always play with her until this one day, Joseph invited me over and we were in his bedroom he asked if he wanted to watch a movie with him and I said yea he let me picked the movie and we watched it he even baked cookies for me I then remembered 30 minutes later I felt sleepy and I just knocked out. Then I was starting to wake up but someone was moving me I rubbed my eyes and it was my neighbor naked I covered my eyes and asked him why is he naked and then I looked at myself nothing I was fully naked I tried to cover myself but I couldn't I felt something was inside me I was in pain I started to cry a bit until he told me 'hush shh it's okay don't be scared, im helping you feel Good's I asked him what he meant 'you said you were in pain and so I helped you but you fell asleep and I thought I would continue making you feel better' I didn't remember being in pain but okay so I let him he kept puking his dick in me until later I was enjoying it I was moaning in pleasure 'fuck, good girl, keep moaning for me it means your getting better' he fucked me faster and harder till he came in me I told him it felt funny and he said that it was his cum I didn't know what it was he told me it made the pain go away he helped me get dressed and made me promise not to tell. I promised on one condition if whenever he could do that to me again if I wanted to and he happily agreed. Since I turned 12 I now understand what really happened but I let him fuck me and his friend.