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I'm Sindee Wing a 36 year old female. I've heard about sexual addiction of course, but nothing to the extent of my level. I feel a need to be sexually aroused at every waking moment of everyday. I have a very active sex life, but it's not enough. I live alone, but even after sex I'll masturbate on the way home, or once the guy leaves. It's not that the men aren't good, most are actually great. Yahoo!

I've been like this from a very young age. It has been an obstacle in every part of my life like, school, work and even church. It seems like my mind is flooded with sexual thoughts and fantasies. A certain word or phrase in the most innocent of conversations will trigger my arousal.

Don't get me wrong, I love sex and my life in general, it's just that I know my mind is not normal. I mean it would be nice to be focused at times on something besides sex. My guilt is not from being with so many different men, but from some of the thoughts that enter my mind (not that they would ever be acted out) and that I masturbate even during church services every Sunday.

Can I really be the only one, with this level of sexual addiction?