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I am a straight male. I am a senior in High School this year. I have always made perfect grades. I never do anything I am not supposed to do. Kind of the nerd type I guess. I have never dated. Never had a girlfriend. Never got into any kind of trouble. Just the real trustworthy type. Don't know why but friends, family and neighbors have always wanted me to babysit their kids. Been babysitting since I was 12 or 13. Almost every night of the week. some times all day or all night and even all weekend a few times. dozens and dozens of kids. Every kid I have ever babysat I have done something sexual to them or had them do something sexual to me. Sometimes just me touching their private parts and/or them touching mine, all the way to full blown completely out of control perverted taboo orgies. I have done everything there is to do to both boys and girls and had them do it to me and each other. When I go to babysit, I have a special backpack that I take with me. It is full of every kind of sex toy you can imagine. All kinds of lubes. All kinds of porn, especially the animated type of porn. The kids love that stuff. And video recording equipment. I have recorded it all!!! What is crazy is these kids love it and love me!!!!! Every time I walk in the door they come running and screaming and jump into my arms and are so glad to see me. Excitement builds as the parents head out the door, because me and the kids know what is coming!!! They can't wait to "put on the cartoons" and strip off their clothes. What is really funny, is they love to watch the videos of themselves!!!!! Teenage boys butt fucking their younger brothers and sisters and me, and filling us with cum in every hole. And then getting the same done to them. Recording it all on video and then watching it. Every little girl gets fucked, and then gets to return the favor using a dildo, or her fingers or entire hand. I have a couple of boys that love getting fisted by their younger sisters or brothers. Everyone fucks and gets fucked. Everyone sucks and gets sucked. Everyone gets fingered and kissed and licked and tongued. I am having the time of my life!!! Babysitting is the best job ever!!!!