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About a year ago, my wife and my son and his wife were killed in a tragic accident. I now have custody of my 6 year old granddaughter. We have really become close and really become a team. Together the 2 of us are going to pull through this. Don't know when or if I will ever be ready to start dating again, so my sex life consists of watching porn on the internet and masturbating. I have seen some crazy videos of guys using vibrators and butt plugs in their assholes and even using penis sounds. I decided to order some of this stuff and try it out. Well, let me tell you... this stuff has simply blown me away. With the vibrating dildo in my ass and the long stainless steel rod deep in my penis, it is simply mind boggling!!!!! I am now having orgasms like I have never had before. I only do this stuff when my granddaughter is not at home or late at night when she is asleep. I would hate for her to know I was doing this kind of stuff. Well, it is a very long and crazy story, but she busted me a couple of times and has insisted on "helping grandpa." So now she is involved with my pathetic sex life. She seems to really enjoy it. I thought I was having some powerful orgasms before, when she is working the vibrator in and out of my ass and/or sliding the sound deep into my penis, I don't even need to touch my cock and it explodes into these orgasms that are so strong I fear I am going to have a heart attack!!!! I started putting my hands inside her panties and touching her, and now she strips naked before we even start. She gets pretty worked up when I oil up my finger and start stroking my finger up and down her little pussy slit and/or the crack of her beautiful little butt. She gets all red in the face and starts really breathing hard and sometimes starts shaking and vibrating all over. I never would have thought a 6 year old could have orgasms, but I think she probably is. Sometimes I get to thinking about what is going on here and what the future holds, and I know I have got to get myself under control!!!!!