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My wife and I spent a weekend at some friends cabin on the lake. We went out on the boat one more time then had to make the three hour drive home. She went in to change and I suggested she leave her bikini top on and just wear shorts. She agreed but put on a coverup. As soon as she was in the car I opened the sun roof, she laid back and took off her coverup.

As soon as we were on the highway I suggested she take off her top. I told her I was tired but that would wake me up. She was concerned someone might see her so I grabbed a beach towel and told her to cover up as often as she wanted. We drove this way for about an hour and she said she was done covering up. She was either going to be seen or would put her top back on, my choice.

The next truck we passed I gunned it when we were close and she accused me of being ashamed of her chest. I slowed down and let him pass. Once he was back in the right lane I pulled up next to him and let him have a long look. He smiled and gave us a honk on his horn. This turned my wife on.

We passed several trucks and she got more attention and more turned on. She was loving being the center of attention and felt safe in our car. The longer we drove it became obvious we were being talked about. All the truckers were looking and ready for the show.

She eventually got naked and gave me a bj. We pulled along a truck and she has going down on me with her luscious ass up in the air. I started spreading her ass cheeks so he could see her wet pussy and asshole. I came in her mouth and she swallowed most of it. She sat back down and rubbed what she hadn't swallowed on to her tits still with the trucker watching.

She eventually got dressed because we were getting closer to home. As soon as we got inside our house she grabbed me and pulled me to the bedroom. I started to grab a condum but she said she wanted to feel my cum inside her. Fast forward nine months and we had our first daughter. I think I am a lucky man. So are a few truckers.