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Too often we think about a woman's nipples. The way they stick out when they're excited or cold, but too often a man's nipples are neglected. I'm a married man in my 40's and I love my nipples. I play with them, pull on them, twist them and if I could I would suck on them. Unfortunately my wife isn't so thrilled with them. I have tried and tried to make her aware of the pleasure I get with having my nips worked on but she just won't do it so I have turned to others. I fucked a couple of women but one night I was at a bar and got to discussing my sex life with another guy. By the end of the night he sucked me and swallowed my entire load and I ended up sucking him off. All the while we were in a 69 an he was working my nipples. It's too bad most women don't understand the excitement we get by having our nipples worked on. I found that I loved sucking his cock. As I was sucking him one hand stayed on my nipples and one hand started to play with my asshole. Eventually he pushed a finger into my ass, something my wife never did. It was exquisite and as he finger fucked me he came in my mouth. I took it all and swallowed most of his cum.

Fast forward a couple of years. I had sucked a bunch of cocks and had been finger fucked a bunch of times. Then I met Jimmy. He was a cross dressing young man at a gay bar. I was at the bar that night and when he got off of the stage he came over and offered to buy me a drink. We got to talking and he said that although he dressed as a woman he had a monster cock and loved to fuck other men. I said I hadn't been fucked and he invited me back to his place. We walked the three blocks to his place and when we walked in he stripped. I looked at his cock and it was huge. I was almost salivating staring at it. He asked if I wanted to suck it and I got on my knees. He put his cock in my mouth and I quickly got him hard. He was nearly eight inches long and fairly thick. He had me strip and kneel on the carpet. He got behind me and shoved his tongue up my ass. That was a first and it felt great. I just put my head down and let him do whatever he wanted. He tongue fucked me for a bit and when he reached around and grabbed my cock it was already hard. My five inches paled compared to him.

I almost came as he played with my cock and balls as he tongued my asshole. Then I felt him scoot up behind me and his big cock was pushing into my asshole. I let him and in a few seconds he was buried to the hilt. It hurt a little but he told me to just relax, and as I did he started to fuck me. He stretched my asshole out to the max but I embraced it as he pumped in and out. Within a minute I was enjoying it and started to push back as he thrust in. He fucked me for the next 20 minutes and said he was cumming. He grabbed my hips and pushed in as hard as he could. I felt a slight sting as he started to cum. He came hard and when he pulled out he was still hard. He wiped his cock off with my shirt and told me to turn around. I did and he put his cock up to my lips. I sucked him for the next half hour. He kept saying that I was a good little cunt and the best cocksucker he had and I took it as a compliment. Then he grabbed my ears and held my head as far onto his cock as I could. Then he came in my mouth. It wasn't a massive load but it was enough to fill my mouth. I took it all and he kept his cock in my mouth until he became soft.

This was a whole new world and over the next three years I've sucked many cocks and have been ass fucked many times but never like this young stud. My wife and I rarely fuck anymore and she doesn't know of my interests but I still get as much cock as I can.