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I love to drink beer and play with myself when I"m a little drunk. One Friday night i got a bit wasted and was playing with my nipples when my cousin, Sandy walked in on me. I hadn't moved to my cock but had my shirt off and was tweaking my nips. When she opened my bedroom door I was embarrassed. I tried to cover up but she said she was here to help me.

She started to play with my tits. Her fingers rolled my nipples in her hands and I was getting turned on. Then I felt her hand rubbing my thigh and I said this was uncomfortable. She ignored me and said that I was in for the night of my life. My mom was passed out drunk in the living room and Dad was a trucker out of town. I was only 17 and Sandy was nearly 20. She mounted me and kissed me. She said "I'm so fucking horny that I'd fuck anything and you're the next." She stuck her tongue into my mouth and mumbled to tweak her nipples. I put my hand inside her blouse and under her bra. I started to play with her tits and nipples and she started moaning a little. "Oh fuck, I need you to fuck me" she said. She got off of me and stripped. her pussy was clean shaven and when she mounted me with her cunt on my mouth I started to lick her. I finally gave her an orgasm, and after 15 minutes I gave her a second. My cock was straining in my pants but when she pulled out my belt and undid my pants I knew I was going to get fucked tonight. She tied my hands with my belt and said to just enjoy.

I thought "Why the fuck not?" and let her have her way. She started sucking my cock until I was ready to cum. I warned her but she kept sucking me until I filled her mouth. Being a fairly young man she kept sucking me for the next 20 minutes and I was finally hard. She mounted me again and put my cock at the opening of her pussy. She sat down on my and I felt myself inside her. She started to fuck me from the top and I was in heaven. I just kept saying, "Fuck honey, make me cum." She did. I finally came inside her and she rolled off of me. She got dressed and said that my mom could have another beer. The got my mom drunker and sat on the couch next to her. She started to play with mom's tits and then her nipples. Her other hand reached between mom's legs and masturbated her to an orgasm. Then a second and finally a third. Mom was drunk and so fucking horny she challenged me. She said If I could make her cum with my tongue I could fuck her. I knelt between her legs and started to lick and suck. I had my mouth on her clit and was sucking it until she was ready. Then she took my entire cock in her mouth and gave me the blowjob of my life. She took every bit of cum i had to give her.

Then mom collapsed. She never did remember that night, but ever since I turned 21 I would buy a case of beer and go drink with my mom. When she was totally wasted I played with her nipples and made her suck my cock until she drained my nuts. I've been married for about six years now and still go over on Friday nights. When it's just mom and me I cum in her mouth. It's a great arrangements and it's too bad she won't do it willingly. But that's okay because I get to cum at least once a week, and usually a few times a week as I fuck my wife on a regular basis. I feel so blessed.