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I was searching on-line one night and a guy answered my add to suck my cock. I've been married for 30+ years and haven't had a good blowjob in a number of years. My wife thought sucking my cock was dirty so I didn't push the issue. Instead, I looked for others to suck me. Anyway, this guy said he'd love to suck my cock and have me suck his. I thought that was okay so I agreed to meet him at his hotel at the Casino.

I knocked on the door and a woman answered. She asked if I was here for the reject and I said yes. She let me in and said she was a friend of his and would just watch. I'd never had anyone watch me suck a cock before but I figured that since I didn't know either of them it would be okay. He came out of the bathroom in panties and pantihose. He laid on the bed and I stripped. I mounted him in a 69 and we each started to suck the other. His cock was a little smaller than my six inches and it fit in my mouth all the way. We were sucking each other and I felt another pair of hands on my ass. I glanced back and it was A.J. rubbing my ass. She was now naked and said that she just wanted to please both of us. I resumed sucking his cock when I felt her finger enter my asshole. She was finger fucking me as he sucked me. then she said she wanted two cock inside her cunt.

He was on his back when she mounted him and I scooted up to her and managed to wedge my cock into her cunt above his. We all fucked like this and she kept saying she was cumming. She nearly collapsed as she came for the second time. Then she said she had to taste my cock. He laid on the other bed and started to stroke his cock as she told me to roll over onto my back. Then she and I were in a 69 and I was licking her cunt as she went down on me. Then she shoved a finger back in my ass and asked if I could take a second. I didn't know but I told her I could. She shoved a second finger inside me and started to finger fuck me. I kept telling her to go as deep as she wanted and both fingers were buried as far as she could push them. She kept sucking me and I said I was ready to cum. She buried her mouth down to my pubic hair and he said to let her have it.

I started to cum and she didn't move a muscle. I filled her throat and she swallowed it all. This whole time she was finger fucking me and massaging my prostate from the inside. I emptied my nuts inside her and when I finally pulled out I was as clean as if I'd just got out of the shower. She said, "That was so fucking how." Then she looked at me and asked if I wanted to get fucked as well. I told her I did and she said to get on the bed on all fours. I did and he crawled back on the bed and scooted up behind me. His slippery finger entered my ass and when he thought I was ready he removed his finger and shoved his cock in my ass. I'd never been fucked before but this was great. He spread my ass cheeks and pounded me like I was his woman. He must have fucked me for 15 minutes before he pulled out.

He wiped his cock off and had me turn over. Then he mounted my chest and put his hard cock in my mouth. He mouth fucked me and I felt my legs being raised. She was tonguing my asshole as I was sucking his cock. The he said he was about to cum and she shoved two fingers back into my asshole as he filled my mouth. I took it all and she finally pulled her fingers out as he crawled off of me.

It was the most exciting sexual experience I'd ever had. I finally got dressed and left, hoping my wife wouldn't recognize the smell of cum and pussy juice all over me. I snuck into the bathroom while she was asleep and showered quickly. When I finally got into bed I was squeaky clean. The next morning was Saturday and my wife wanted sex. I found that I could get hard and stay hard for at least 30 minutes after a night of fucking and I gave her the best orgasm of her life. She said that I was her stud and whatever I did to fuck like that, I should keep doing. I told her it was all her but knew it was because of the night before.

I decided that Friday nights I would find someone to suck my cock or fuck me and I would be good to go on Saturday mornings. I love her but she just doesn't do it for me unless I fuck someone or something the night before. It's worked for years now and I know she loves me more than ever, all because of my big cock.