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I have been going out with this 35 year old woman about a month she has a 13 year old daughter named Betty Jo she likes to be called Jo. Everytime her Mother leaves the room she moves real close to me. The other night her Mother went to the store and I was watching a ball game and Jo came and sat on my lap I told her to get off, but she didn't she slid her hand between my legs and found my cock and began rubbing it. I got hard and she keep rubbing me and said I would like to see your cock and grabbed my zipper and pulled it down. She then shoved her hand into my pants and pulled out my hard cock. Wow can I suck it she asked and before I could answer she had it in her mouth. She stopped sucking and said hurry come in my mouth before my Mom get home. I can't lie it felt so good her sucking on me I grabbed my cock and started jerking it into her mouth in less that a minute I was shooting my cum into her mouth and she sucked up every bit. She said pick me up after school next week and I will do that again and we wouldn't have to rush.

I just got my composer back when her Mother walked in and said what have you two been up to?

Nothing I said just watching a ball game. She said I bet that's not all you been doing you look guilty.

O M G does she know what her daughter does when she turns her back.

I have not called her or returned her calls, the two of them scare the shit out of me.