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My husband's a fucking dick. He's controlling and has a little dick. He makes me suck his cock and I hate it. I don't hate his cock but I do hate him forcing me. One night I got fed up and he was drinking. I said I was going out to get a real cock. He didn't believe me and called me a fucking slut and I deserved a good beating. He stumbled toward me and I was able to push him back on the couch. Then I picked up my purse and left. I knew if he came looking for me he would come to the only bar in our little town so I drove about 20 minutes away and found a bar that had a full parking lot. I figured that this was as good a place as any so I parked and went inside.

I was sitting on a stool at the bar for about an hour drinking and was getting pretty smashed. Before I knew it the bar was emptying and it was after midnight. I was still drinking when two guys came up and sat on either side of me. One asked what was eating me and I poured my heart out about my fucker of a husband. Jeff was on my right and Marc was on my left. All the while they had their hands on my back just rubbing gently. Then I blurted out that I just need a kind man with a big cock. Jeff put a hand on my leg and asked if I would give him a chance. I was so drunk I said I'd try anything once. He grabbed my hand and said to come with him. He said he'd bring me back in the morning to get my car and the three of us drove to his house.

As soon as we walked in his living room he turned and kissed me. I forgot all about Marc. We kissed as he led me into his bedroom and started to undress me. Within minutes we were both naked and making out on the bed. Then I felt my lets being lifted up and Marc was eating my pussy. I kept moaning as Jeff played with my tits and Mark was working my clit. I came two or three times before Marc started to fuck me. His cock was bigger than my asshole husband's and he made me orgasm. I was sucking Jeff's cock at the same time and it was huge compared to my husband. I heard Marc say he was cumming and a bit later he pulled out of my pussy. He told Jeff I had a really tight cunt and Jeff just had to try it.

They switched places and Marc was straddling my chest with his cock in my mouth when I felt Jeff enter me. His cock felt huge inside me as he started to fuck me. He hit spots I didn't even know I had. I had orgasm after orgasm as he fucked me into oblivion. I passed out from the pleasure and woke up the next morning naked and beside Jeff. My asshole felt weird and when I put my finger down there I felt dried cum around my ass opening. I knew then that I had been fucked in the ass. As I was waking up Jeff rolled over and started kissing me. I was sober but wanted it. He was gentle and exciting at the same time. I reached down and started stroking his cock. I was amazed at its size. We ended up fucking again that morning. I spent the day with him and we fucked again that night. Then he confided in me and said that he fucked me in the ass when I was passed out. I told him I didn't remember but for some reason I told him I wanted to do it again. We rested a bit and drank a few beers and he said he could get hard again if I wanted it. I sucked him hard and then got on all fours. He got behind me and started to tongue my asshole. When he had lubed it enough with his spit he said he was now going to fuck my ass. I told him I was ready and he pushed his cock into my ass. It hurt a bit but the more he fucked me the hornier I got. I let him cum in my ass and when he finally pulled out I sucked him to a second orgasm.

When I got home that second night I told my asshole husband that he had to leave and I was through with him.

That was two years ago and my new husband Jeff fucks me nearly every night. He makes really good money and is the best lover I could ever imagine. I love him dearly and will let him put that huge cock in whatever hole he pleases. He uses my entire body, mouth cunt or asshole I'm always ready to accomodate him and we're so fucking happy I can't hardly stand it.