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Her name was Kaye. We were in community theater together. We were back stand one night and she happened to back into me. I didn't move. Then she put her hand behind her and grabbed my cock and squeezed. We flirted through the rest of rehearsals, then the night before the play we had a dress rehearsal. right before she and I wne on stage she turned and kissed me. Deep. Her tongur probed my mouth and se finally broke the kiss and our cue came. After the rehearsal the cast went out to dinner. Kane was sitting next to me and kept rubbing up and down my thigh making me hard. After dinner she asked me for a ride home. As we were driving home she said she knew a spot we could go so I let her navigate. We ended up on a dirt road out in the sticks. As soon as I turned my minivan off she said we should get into the back. I had a bench seat in the second row and we crawled back there. She undid my pants and pulled them down along with my shorts. She was kneeling on the floor and started to suck me. He lips were soft and feather-like as she sucked me. Then she asked "will you still kiss me if I swallow?" I told her fuck yeah and she clamped down on my cock until I filled her mouth with my cum. I emptied my nuts in her mouth.

When I was spent she came up and laid on top of me and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her tongue but that just got me turned on more. We switched places and I started to eat her cunt. I gave her two orgasms by playing with her clit before she said she needed to be fucked. My cock was already hard and I got her on all fours and entered her from behind. I fucked her for at least 15 minutes before I emptied what was left in my nuts. She turned around and finished sucking me off until I was squeaky clean.

When I got home my wife was already asleep. I showered and went to bed. I was glad that my wife didn't want sex the next morning as my cock was worn out and my balls were empty. Kaye and I sucked and fucked throughout the play and had a fucking good time doing it. It's too bad my wife wasn't as unhibited as Kaye. I still long for those days but I love my wife and if once a week fucking satisfies her then it's good enough for me.