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My Cousin Jerome got me hooked on cock. This is how it happened. He was seven years older than me and went into the Army right out of High School. He got out and came home at 23. He got his own place and I spent a lot of Friday and Saturday nights at his place. I really looked up to him. His girlfriend was Kerne. I thought it was a strange name, but whatever. Anyway they used to do a lot of touchy-feely stuff at his place and whenever she wasn't there he would talk about all the pussy he got in the Army and said that Kerne sucked cock better than any hooker he ever had. It always got me a little turned on when he described cumming in her mouth and said she was the kinkiest bitch he'd ever met.

Then one Friday I went over shortly after school and he said Kerne was coming over a little later. He asked if I wanted her to suck my cock. I had jerked off a lot but nobody else had touched me so I said if she was willing then I would let her. She came over about seven. They started drinking and he handed me a beer. I had only drank a beer once or twice before this but after he gave me another and another I was reeling. After about four more I was fucking wasted. Then he turned and took off Kerne's blouse. He told her that his cousin Terry really wanted to feel a nice pair of lips on his cock. She turned to me and walked over to me. She told me to take my clothes off. She was topless and my cock was already mostly hard. I was nervous but I stood up and stripped. As soon as I had my undies off she pushed me back onto the chair I was sitting in. She went down on me and it wasn't too long and I was about to cum. I glanced at Jerome and he was naked with his big cock in his hand. It was at least two inches bigger than mine. I figured that was why she was with him and about that time I said I was gonna cum. She swallowed my entire load and kept sucking until I was totally spent. She immediately got off of me, took her pants off and mounted Jerome's cock and fucked him for at least 20 minutes before she got off of him.

That was a great night and I didn't think it could get any better until a couple weeks later. I was at his apartment on a Saturday watching football with him and we were drinking. I had a few too many and he started talking about Kerne's affinity for sucking cock. The more he talked the harder my cock got. Before I knew it he had his cock out and was stroking it. I looked over and he asked if I liked the look of his cock. I nodded and he invited me to touch it. I sat on the couch next to him and put my hand on it. He said to slowly stroke it. I did and pulled his foreskin over the head. He was fucking huge compared to me. Before I knew it he had his hand on the back of my head and was pulling me down to his cock. I kind of wanted it so I opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth. Wow! It was fucking great and I started to suck him. I pretended my mouth was my hand and his cock was my cock. I was drunk enough to not give a fuck so I kept sucking him until he said he was going to cum. He didn't let my head up but just started to cum in my mouth. Again I thought what the fuck and started to swallow. I took his entire load and he kept my mouth on his cock. I didn't mind and kept sucking until he finally started to get hard again.

When I pulled off of his cock it was rock hard. I must have sucked him for a good half hour but I noticed my own cock was straining against my pants. He told me to take off my pants. I thought he was going to suck my cock but as soon as I was stripped he put me on my knees bent over the couch and scooted up behind me. I felt his wet finger playing with my asshole. It felt really good but was shocked when he shoved his cock inside me. It hurt at first but he said I would adjust and told me to relax. I did and in a short while I started to enjoy it. He had fucked me for about 10 minutes when Kerne walked in. I didn't hear her come in but when she sat on the couch next to me I tensed up. she just looked down on me and said not to worry that it was perfectly natural. Then she said to Jerome "I told you he was just a little fucking fag and you could take his ass whenever you wanted." He started to pound hard and I was moaning with each thrust. She reached down and grabbed my little cock. She only stroked a half a dozen times and I started cumming. It was a good thing his couch was leather and my cum wouldn't stain it. She kept stroking until I was drained but he kept fucking me for another five minutes and finally came inside me. I really didn't feel it much but I knew he came when his cock shriveled up and he pulled out.

That was my first experience with another man's cock and I have been hooked on cock ever since. I eventually married a woman but have a secret life where I get as much big cock as I can. I've found that I can take the smaller cocks all the way in my mouth. Most of the men I've found have a smallish four or five inch cock like me, but the guys with a larger cock I let put in my ass and sometimes suck them off before they fuck me. Man, even though I'm married to a woman I get more cock in my ass than she has ever gotten in her cunt. That goes for my cock as well.