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I've been married for 12 years. I walked in the house after work one night and my wife Tanya was on the couch crying. I know we'd been having some problems for the last several months and instead of being pissed I felt sorry for her. I went over to the couch and sat next to her. I pulled her close and asked what was the matter. She was sobbing heavily and it took about five minutes of just holding her before she was able to speak. She kept apologizing and after another half hour she confessed that she had been seeing someone. I was pretty shocked but was even more shocked when she again confessed that it was our next door neighbor Paige. I asked if she was a lesbian and she said she didn't know, only that Paige fulfilled something in her that I hadn't been able to do in months.

When I finally pushed her into telling me about it she said she didn't think it was anything serious but I had been ignoring her for so long that she was reaching out for anybody. The more we talked the more intrigued I got. I loved her dearly and knew she loved me but she needed the physical touch that I couldn't give her. We were finally able to open up and were both a bit bored with our sex life and I apologized for ignoring her and I wanted her to be happy and fulfilled. I told her I forgave her and she asked if I was willing to get back on track with our sex life. I told her I was. We fucked a few times over the next month but there still seemed to be something missing.

We were both a little drunk one night and I blurted out "Would it help you if I let you have Paige?" She shyly nodded yes and I asked if I could join. She didn't answer that night but the next morning, Saturday she asked if I was serious about the three of us. I had to think about our conversation and I said that I thought it would be worth a shot. She said she would set it up. I figured it would be in a week or two, so after a six-pack that night there was a knock on the door. It was Paige. She was there with her husband Don. She was beautiful with a really nice pair of tits and Don was well over six feet tall with a big belly. Since it was the both of them I figured it was just them coming over to visit. We all sat around chatting and drank a little more. Then I noticed Paige and my wife were on the couch kissing. Don noticed me looking and came over and took my hand. "Let's let the girls play" he said and pulled me up and walked me down the hall to our bedroom. I was too drunk to fight him. He pushed me down onto the bed and unzipped my pants. He pulled my pants and shorts off and began to suck me. I was really surprised but just let him work in my cock. I was hard when I saw the women come in. They were both naked and my wife Paige told Kerne to go ahead and let him eat her. Paige then crawled on the bed and straddled my face. She put her cunt down onto my mouth. It was clean shaven and tasted great. Now I saw what my wife saw in her. I got even harder licking her cunt. She told me to nibble on her clit and when I did she started to cum. I tasted her juice as she came in my mouth and about that time I felt myself cumming. Don took it all and when he pulled his mouth off of my cock I felt my wife mount my stomach. Her back was against Paige's back and she lifted my legs up. Then I felt something cold and slippery push its way int my ass. It was Don starting to fuck me.

Again I was shocked and the pain shot through me as his cock past my sphincter. But the more he fucked me the better it felt. My wife was caressing my nuts as Don fucked me. I was being fucked and eating pussy at the same time with my wife fondling my nuts. What a fucking rush and we stayed like this for an eternity. My wife then started to stroke my cock with her other hand and shortly after Don came inside my asshole my wife got me off by stroking my cock.

After we were all done we went back into the living room. We were still all naked but really didn't care. I guess once you get fucked by someone you really don't care if they are dressed or not. We all opened up about what had happened and everyone seemed to like it, even me. We all became great friends and I have sucked Don's cock so many times now I can't count and I know my wife has eaten Paige so many times in the last few years. We still get together as couples now and then but have all agreed that any two of us can fuck or suck any of the other anytime we want. I will admit that out of the three of them Paige gives the best blowjob but I still love Don's big cock deep in my ass. It's too bad we don't have another man with us so I can suck him while getting fucked by Don. Maybe one day soon that will happen.