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Later after school I go into his room saying his mom wanted me to talk to talk to him about all the cum on his bed and she was concerned he may not be doing it correctly. After small chit chat, he says tells me he can hear us when we fuck and it turns him on. Then I ask if he's never has sex yet but wants to try and it gets quite for a second, then he asks if he could maybe watch him and his mom. I say that I don't care but not sure his mom will go for it and he says maybe I could leave the door open so he could watch us. So after some more chatting that's what we agree on, I'm going to leave the door open to her bedroom when I fuck her, and he's going to watch us. So after her and I talk about what was said, I told her everything, and then even him wanting to watch us fuck. She first say no, but after telling her it's a teaching moment that clearly he wants, she agreed, and that night the mood was set.

That night the door is open, we start fucking, soon we see him peaking in, and I whisper; "let him come in baby". She says no at first, but I say; "don't you love him"?, come on baby, you need to help him out a little here and be a mom". She caved right in agreeing, so I called Ryan into the room, he comes in naked with his hard cock in hand, and a rather nice sized cock too for a 14yr old. I'm still on top of his mom slow fucking her, then Ryan is standing at the foot of the bed, I tell him to get on the bed, she puts her hand over her eyes, and he gets on the bed next to us. I say; "see son, this is how you have sex with a woman, look at how I'm sliding my dick in and out of her pussy", he's looking at my cock sliding in and out of his mom's bald pussy, and I say; "come on son, try it" as I get off of her pulling my cock out.

Either of them said a word as Ryan got on top of his mom, lined his cock up to her pussy hole, and pushed it inside of her. They both moaned rather loudly, I say; "go ahead son, now start fucking her pussy", and he starts fucking his mom. He didn't last a minute before he moaned then said; "I'm going to cum" and I said; "go ahead son, cum inside your mom's pussy". He fucking pumped his mom's pussy full of cum, so much it was leaking out of her, and when he got off her I said; "suck his cock baby while I clean your pussy up", and then I told him to put his cock in his mom's mouth. They without saying a word did what I said and I started licking her son's cum out of her pussy.

About the time I was finished sucking out his cum, I looked up, and he was hard again. So I told him; "come on son, I have her pussy cleaned up, come and fill it up again for me" and he got right back on her. We did this four times, her son would fill her pussy with cum, and I'd lick it out of her. The next day nothing was said about it, the day went on like any other day, and after school I went in to make sure he was okay with it all. Yeah he was okay with it and wanted to do it again. So I tell him that I can get him warmed up so he lasts longer the first time, he asked how, and I said; "we have a few minutes, take your pants off, and I'll suck you", and he didn't say a word, quickly stripping his pants off. He sat on the bed, I got between his legs, and started sucking his cock. He lasted maybe a few minutes, he moaned saying; "I'm going to cum", and still sucking him I made ummm, hmmmm sound. He fucking filled my mouth with the sweetest tasting cum I've ever tasted. As I was sucking him dry, he says; "keep sucking it, I can cum again in a second", I kept sucking, he was only soft for a few seconds, and I felt him getting hard in my mouth. I drained his balls three times before his came home from work that day.

I'm going to ask her to marry me because I love watching her son fuck her and love drinking his cum.

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