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I have been wanting to fuck my mother in law since she moved in with us. She is an older woman at 80, but she still has a nice looking body. I have been walking around the house naked some trying to "accidentally" let her see me and she did see me once, but I chickened out and walked out of the room really fast. I don't think she even realized I was naked. But, a few minutes ago I was doing laundry. I always wear boxers and a t shirt while I am doing laundry. This time I pulled my cock out through the hole on the front of the boxers and stroked myself until I was nice and hard. I had my cock ring on so it would stay nice and hard and stick straight out while I was going to the laundry room.

My mother in law was in the kitchen as I walked in and said good morning to her. I had the laundry basket in front of me covering my hard cock.

As I passed her, I moved the basket to my right side exposing my hard cock to her for a couple of seconds as I turned going into the laundry room. I was looking right at her face as I did this and saw her eyes go down toward my cock and saw her eyes open wider and her mouth drop open a little. I kept watching her face as I went into the laundry room. She kept her eyes looking down toward my cock. As I go to the washing machine, I opened the door and turned facing the machine. This made my cock just visible to her under the door of the washing machine. I asked her how she was doing and watched her eyes as I was waiting for a response. He eyes was locked on my cock as she muttered out a reply. She finally broke her stare at my cock and looked up at my face. I was smiling at her, she looked back down at my cock again as she turned around to he coffee maker. As I finished putting my clothes into the washing machine she kept taking short peeks back at my cock. When I turned the machine on and was walking back out of the laundry room, she was facing the coffee maker so I reached down and stroked my cock a couple of times making sure it was at full erection and as I went past her. As I walked by I acted like I didn't know my cock was out and stopped and told her that I would be making some breakfast in a few minutes if she was hungry. She did her best to look me in the face, but I kept seeing her looking at my hard cock. I turned and went back into the hallway and looked back at her. She was smiling really big as she went back into her room. Now the ball is in her court, I will wait and see if she returns the favor. I hope so, I really want to fuck that 80 year old pussy, I know it hasn't been fucked in over 10 years.