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It was our wedding night and I was a bit nervous. I had never been fucked by a man before. My pussy was itching a little bit and when we finally settled down to go to bed I thought I was ready. I was young and innocent. I knew he had fucked a few women in the Army but that didn't matter as long as he loved me above all others. He kept saying how much he loved me and how beautiful I was so when we finally got naked I felt like a queen. He gently laid me on the bed and laid beside me. He started kissing me and our tongues found each other. I was as horny as I'd ever been and his hands felt great on my body. Then he did the unexpected. He turned around and hovered over me with his cock touching my lips. I told him I didn't want to suck him but as I opened my mouth to speak his hard cock slipped in my mouth. I didn't want to hurt him so I kept my teeth away from his cock.

He started to slowly fuck my mouth and I felt his tongue and mouth on my clitoris. I had to admit his tongue felt great massaging my cunt. Within a minute I was cumming. He kept fucking my mouth but the real surprise was when he came in my mouth. It was so much I couldn't take it all. I didn't want to swallow but had no choice. It tasted horrible but he just kept mouth fucking me until he was spent. He said to clean him off and he wasn't very nice about it. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and said "I've had more and better blowjobs in those cunts in Germany. If you want to stay my wife you're gonna learn to cock a dick like you should. I was scared shitless. Then he laid on the bed and said to suck him again. I was afraid not to so I crawled on the bed and bent over him. His cock seemed large but I had nothing to compare it to. As I took his cock in my mouth he told me when and where to apply pressure and he was soon hard again. Then he said I was going to swallow it all this time. It took over half an hour but he finally started cumming. He held my head and complimented me this time.

After I had sucked him completely clean he finally told me I could get up. Then he rolled over and fell asleep. I was at a loss. I thought I would finally lose my virginity that night but I fell asleep unsatisfied. I woke up to him spooning me and his hands were all over my tits. It wasn't unpleasant and when I was finally coherent I started to roll over. He said that he wanted me on my side facing away from him. Then I felt his hand on my ass and then a finger was working its way into my asshole. I really didn't want this but he wouldn't let me up. Then he said that ass fucking was the one thing he always wanted in his bitch. He rolled me over on my stomach and I felt a sharp pain as he penetrated my asshole. I screamed into my pillow but he kept going. I could tell his cock was hard inside me and instead of cumming he said he had a big surprise for me. He started pissing. He said he saved it all night just for this moment. I felt his warm piss fill me up and squirt out past his cock. He finally pulled out after he was done pissing and asked if I was ready to get fucked.

I felt beaten. I said that I would do anything if he would keep his cock out of my ass. He rolled me over onto my back and told me to spread my legs. I did and his big cock entered me. I wasn't horny but his wet cock lubricated me enough to slide in without any pain. He fucked me for about 15 seconds and pulled out. I asked him what was wrong and he said there was nothing wrong. Then he hopped up and straddled my chest and said to open my mouth. reluctantly I did and he shoved his cock in. He mouth fucked me again until he filled it with his cum. He said to swallow it all. I did and he said that this was how to start a marriage.

I'm much older and wiser now but for the first six months or so he never came in my pussy but only in my mouth. I eventually came to like the taste of his cum and found that I couldn't get wet unless I sucked him first. He is still the master of our house 14 years later and I pretty much do what he wants. I even got used to him fucking my ass nearly every Saturday morning. He is a great provider and I don't even have to work. He expects me to keep the house clean, which is pretty easy and cook his dinner, which I enjoy doing. I now suck his cock any time he wants and when he finally gets around to fucking me I cum hard and am left satisfied. I now if I am willing to suck his cock nearly every night and let him have his way with me I'll be able to keep him. After all I love him and will do anything to please him.