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When my son Jason was 3 years old he caught me masturbating, when he walked in he got a close up full frontal view, and when he came in I was just about to cum. I couldn't stop it now and cum sprayed from my cock all over the floor right in from of him, almost at his feet. He didn't say a word as the cum spewed from the head of my cock, when I finished he looked up at me, and asked why I peed on the floor. I told him it was not pee, he of course asked what it was, and I told him it was cum, of course he asked what was cum, and I didn't want to get into a long discussion about what cum was so I told him it was daddy's milk like mommy's milk comes from her boobies. He the asked what it tastes like, I told him I don't know, and he dropped right to the floor licking at the biggest glob of cum on the floor. I was dumbfounded, he looked up at me saying it's good daddy, and went for the next glob, I told him to not lick it off the floor, and then he gets up pointing to my dick saying can I have some daddy.

My mind was racing, I didn't say a word as he walks over to me taking a hold of my dick, and he bent over taking my half hard cock into his mouth, and then I felt him start sucking on the head of my cock. I could not believe what was happening, it was if I were outside of my body looking down, and I heard myself say that's it suck daddy's cock. He looks up at me saying nothing is coming out, I say it's not like a boobies, you have to suck on it a while for it to cum out, and he went back sucking the head of my cock. I put my hand over the top of his hand holding my cock and said Jason do this as you suck it, as I start stroking my cock. I let go of his hand and he kept jacking my cock as continued sucking.

I'm sitting there looking down at my 3 year old son sucking my cock as he jacks me off, I said okay get ready it's going to squirt in your mouth just keep doing what you're doing, and I felt it coming so I said here it comes. I seen his cheeks bulge as the first blast of cum filled his mouth, he gulped it down just in time for the second blast to fill his mouth, and I came harder then I've ever cum before. After I was finished he squealed with joy as he told me to do that again daddy and I told him I have to wait for a bit before I can do it again. Then I got into the whole you can't ever tell anyone conversation with him and after that conversation I felt my dick twitch, so I told my son to suck on it again I maybe can do it again for him.

He sucked my cock three times that day, he was hooked, and so was I. It went on a couple years, he sucked my cock when ever he could, and I was more then willing to let him. When he was around 5 years old is when I pushed my finger his butt and started rubbing his butt hole. After I fed him what he wanted I asked if he liked me fingering his butt and he said that it felt good, so I'd finger his little asshole as he sucked my cock. As this went on the next few months, I then moved on to two fingers in his ass, and push my fingers deeper into his ass. He was around 6 years old when I first tried to push my cock into his little butt, he gasp as the head of my cock entered his little butt hole, and I just held it there telling him to relax. I still remember to this day, as soon as I pushed a little more in his asshole I started to cum in his butt, and after I filled his ass with seed, he was mad because he didn't get to drink my cum. It then turned into me putting my cock in his ass, I let him know when I was ready to cum, and he'd flip around so he could drink my cum.

Each time I fucked him, I'd slowly push deeper until his hands pushed back at me, and I was always as gentle as I could be, of course I didn't ever want to hurt him in any way. One day he comes home from school and tells me he sucked another man off today. Totally a what the fuck moment, come to find out he stayed in for recess and sucked off his teacher under his desk. I was caught between being mad and being aroused imaging my son sucking some guy's cock. So I request a teacher parent conference, I'm sitting across from him, he's behind his desk, and after some small talk I say so Jason tells me you two really like each other. I could see the fear run through him, so I say don't worry I'm not angry, and matter fact it's kind of a turn on. I seen the relief wash over his face and I said I wish we had more privacy here now. He says wait a second, gets up walking to the door, pulling the shade, and locking it, turning around saying no one has keys to that door, and then everyone is gone anyway. I stood up, unbuttoned my pants, unzipped them, and dropped them to the floor. I looked at Jason and said go take care of Mr. Thomas's cock. I watched my son walk up to this guy, bend over, and start sucking his cock.

After taking my pants off, I waked up behind Jason, rubbed my cock up and down his butt. I then told Jason to get on his hands and knees on the desk. I went over putting my cock in his mouth, and Mr. Thomas was rubbing his butt, pulling his ass cheeks apart, and then I said go ahead he can take it. I heard my son moan with my cock in his mouth as Mr. Thomas pushed his cock inside his little asshole. He only pushed his cock in and out a few times before he said that he was going to cum. It was so erotic watching my son get fucked as he sucked my cock I said go ahead man fill his little butt with cum and I'm going to fill his mouth. I heard him grunt shoving his cock deep in my son's ass and held it there, as I started filling his mouth.

My son and I now had a fuck buddy and the best part, he has a 2 year old daughter which he wants her to be just like Jason, a cum slut.