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When my cousin (female) and I were 4, she caught her dad eating out her mom and talked me into letting her do it to me. She got mad because I wasn't making the same noises her mom was lol.

At the same age my uncle whose 8 years older than me was baby sitting me. He stripped me naked in his room under the guise of playing house. I gave him a hand job, he rubbed his dick on my face and nipples. He tried putting it in me but it was to big so he ended up eating my pussy while he jacked off and came on my pussy and chest. This is the only time he ever did anything like this. But this is when I understood why my cousins mom made noise when her boyfriend ate her. My first orgasm.

When I was 5 I asked my brother if he wanted to see something cool. I pulled off his pants and touched his dick until it got hard. At age 7 I'd lick it to get him hard. Age 8 I let him put it in me but it was small and didn't feel like anything so we started humping each other with it against my clit until I came.I have fucked this brother as an adult. His dick is bigger than mu husbands and I get off in a matter of minutes. He does things my husband won't do, like eat my ass and eat pussy cream pies.

From the ages of 5-9 I regularly fooled around with my step sister. It started by teaching her how to get off by straddling a pillow or stuffed animal and applying pressure where her pussy is and humping it to climax, which progressed to dry humping, sucking each others nipples, rubbing pussies over our pants. From 9-11 we started to eat each other out over clothes but began getting naked and tickling each others pussies and rubbing each others clits. 11-12 is when we began to rub our bare pussies together and she finger fucked me for the first time and taught me how she liked to be finger fucked. She also had a round brush that had a rounded silicone handle we used as a dildo on each other. That was the first thing she ever put in my ass. 13 is when we finally properly ate each others pussies. We'd suck on each others clits while fucking our tight pussies and ass with the brush handle. At 14 we started licking each others assholes, granted she was the only one brave enough to spread my cheeks wide enough to slightly open my asshole so she could push her tongue in my ass and fuck it that way. She found her mom's huge vibrating dildo that also hand a strap on band and our parents homemade porn. We would watch them while she used the vibrator on herself and played with my titties and clit with her free hand. After a few months of this she put it on and forcefully (at first) tried fucking me with it, a couple hours later she finally convinced me to do it. She popped one of the tapes in and sat on her bed and had me sit on her lap, legs spread with my back against her chest. She positioned the vibrator between my lips as it rested against my clit and began rocking her hips. Her hands roughly massaging my boobs, pinching and pulling on my nipplea, biting my neck while she asked if it felt good. If i liked watching my dads big cock sliding in and out of her moms pussy. She continued to do this until i experienced my first squirting orgasm. At that point I was sufficently wet enough for her to slip the dildo in my pussy with little resistance and fucked me good. This carried on until we were 18. I still think about it all the time and still fuck myself to the memories. I honestly miss it.