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I was horny that night and told my wife that I needed to get my dick sucked. She said she wasn't in the mood and completely shut me out. I said that if she didn't make me cum I would find someone who would. She knew I had another woman suck me in our earlier marriage but she didn't think anything of it and said "Go ahead. find someone who would suck that shriveled thing of yours." Then she went to bed. I was pissed. I just said "Fuck you" and walked out. I drove for about 20 minutes and came to this little bar and stopped in for a beer. I had one, then another and another and another and after about seven I was really buzzed. I was getting ready to go home when a woman came over and sat on the bar stool next to me. She put her hand on my thigh and asked me if I was alone. When I told her I was she said she was in need for a real man and I looked like him. After we chatted for a bit she asked if I wanted to follow her to her place. She assured me she wasn't a hooker but just needed a nice cock. I agreed and followed her to her place.

She gave me a beer and while I drank she did a sexy striptease for me. Before I knew it she was naked and asked if I liked her shaved pussy. I did. She came over to me on the couch and knelt down. She undid my zipper and my shriveled up cock popped out through my underwear as she fished it out and started to suck me. She had soft lips and was playing with my nipples as she sucked me hard. When I was hard she mounted me and plunged down onto my cock. Her pussy was wet and I slid into her easily. We fucked me as I got even harder. She fucked me for a good 20 minutes and I said I was gonna cum. She hopped off of me and took my cock back into her mouth as I started to cum. She took it all in her mouth. I thought she was swallowing but when she leaned up to kiss me she deposited my bum back into my mouth. I didn't want to seem stupid so I swallowed it all.

She finally got off of me and said I had the nicest cock she had ever fucked. I mumbled a thank you and she kissed me again. Then she went back down on me. After I was almost hard again she got on the floor on her back and said to lick her pussy. I got down and straddled her in a 69 position and was licking and tongue furking her as she continued to suck me. Then I felt a finger rubbing on my asshole. It felt great. My ife never did this but when she shovedd two fingers in my asshole I nearly lost it. It was fucking fantastic and she finger fucked me while I got hard. When I was hard like a fucking pole she pulled off and walked into the bathroom. I was shocked that she just got up but when she came back she had a strap-on wrapped around her waist and said that she was about to pleasure me like never before. She crawled on the bed and pushed my legs up toward my chest and knelt between my legs. She put that strap-on up to my asshole and pushed in. I had never been fucked and she pushed that cock into me and started to fuck me. It hurt at first but soon became pleasure as she continued to fuck me. She wasn't even touching my cock and I came a second time. It wasn't a lot but the feeling was fucking great.

I finally got home and my wife was asleep. She had no idea and several weeks later we went to bed and were ready to fuck. I was a little drunk that night and blurted out that I was ready to be fucked. She questioned that and I said I wanted her dildo in my ass. She proceeded to hand fuck my ass with her rubber cock she sometimes uses. I came hard and she got the idea. A few nights later she came to bed wearing a huge strap-on and said that she wanted to fuck me. I was about half drunk and raised my legs. She shoved that cock in my asshole. It hurt like a mother fucker but I let her keep going and after a few moments it started to feel good. Her strap-on had a piece that rubbed her clit every time she thrust into me and we both came that night.

She thought that was the greatest fucking night and I let her use that strap-on anytime she wanted. For the next several years she orgasmed with that cock but eventually she decided she needed a really big cock in her pussy. I finally agreed and one night after work I walked in the house and when I got to the bedroom I saw her fucking our neighbor. They quickly separated as I entered the bedroom but she just smiled and said that Tom was here to pleasure both of us.

I figured she set up for tom to suck my cock but when I stripped and crawled on the bed next to her he turned me on my belly and before I knew it his cock was digging its way into my asshole. I really wanted to please her so I let him proceed. He fucked me for about 15 minutes told her he was gonna cum. I thought he would pull out but she just told him to let it go and he filled my ass with his cum. I felt it drip down my nuts as he finally pulled out. I found myself cumming as well and hadn't even had my cock touched.

From that night she set up our encounters with other men and I have now been fucked so many times I can't count. Man I love my ass being fucked and our marriege is better than ever because of this.