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My wife past away when my daughter was 5. Unfortunately she had been unwell and she started taking drugs. She overdosed and i was raising my daughter alone.

When my daughter got to 15, i being honest love watching her and her friends playing and hanging around the house. She was very cute and most of her friends were too. By the time they got to 17 i started fucking one of her friends. She found out and got pretty angry at me. She even said she would report me since they were underage. In the heat of the moment i told her i would rather fuck her, but since i can't i fuck her friend. She said she didn't realise i felt this way and that she didn't want me fucking her friend anymore.

The agreement was i wouldn't, but i was allowed to fuck her once in place of. She agreed on the basis that i was careful and she was only having to once. I hadn't expected it, but was glad she did. 2 weeks later i took her out for dinner, had a great night. I allowed her some drinks, just enough to loosen her up. Or as it turned out, get her tipsy.

In that state, she was pretty relaxed about it and i decided that since she was on the pill i didn't need to worry. We got home and i fucked her on the lounge, cumming in her bare. I fucked her in her bed, again cumming in her bare. What i didn't know, until almost 6 weeks later, is that she had stopped taking the pill cause they were making her unwell. The doctor had told her to try stopping to see if she felt better. So it turned out i impregnated my 17 year old daughter. She didn't agree with abortion, but we agreed never to tell anyone and that i was going to be granddad, not dad.

Well, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Now my daughter always protected her and stayed around when she visited. She never said it, but i don't think she really trusted me to be with her on our own. Can't really blame her.

My granddaughter grew up way to fast, and i have to admit that by the time she turned 13 i already looked at her, wondering what if. She was so small and sexy and always wearing cute little skirts and singlet tops. When my daughter said she needed to go away for a night, i got so excited. A night babysitting my now 16 year old granddaughter/daughter.

The night came around and i planned it well it advance. We had dinner in, but i had wine with dinner and allowed my granddaughter to drink. I spiked the wine to make sure she was totally out of it when she finished over half the bottle. I asked her while we talked and drank if she had a boyfriend, which she didn't. I got personal and asked if she had sex with any boys she liked, and she had once with a boy she dumped. I asked if she was safe or on the pill, playing the protective grandpa. She said she made him use protection cause she wasn't on the pill. I asked her if she was having periods yet. She giggled and said that was personal, but your my grandpa so i guess it's ok. She confirmed yes and even said she had it about 10 days ago.

Once she was over the top gone, i wasted no time. I loved knowing that she didn't even know i was her father and i was fucking her, trying my best to put another baby inside her too. I fucked her on the lounge as well. Lay her on the dinner room table and fucked her while she slept hanging off the table. I fucked and cummed in her 2 more times in her bed before cleaning her up and leaving her to sleep.

She didn't say anything in the morning or when my daughter arrived home. I heard nothing, so i assumed i got away with fucking her. After not hearing anything i also assumed she didn't get pregnant. Well that was until, 12 weeks later when my daughter ran to tell me our daughter was 12 weeks pregnant and they had only just found out. She never got any morning sickness so nothing gave it away until she said her school skirt was tight around her waist.

My daughter was not happy, but i told her she turned out fine and we worked it out. We could work it out with our daughter too. She still doesn't know im her father, but my granddaughter does know i'm the one who fucked her and impregnated her. Neither of them know i did it on purpose or that i raped her, they both believed me about getting drunk and it just happened when we were both hammered. Because of my daughters beliefs about abortions, she had always pushed the same kind of opinions onto my granddaughter so she also didn't have an abortion. I now have a 4 year old great granddaughter/daughter as well.

I will say that while i shouldn't, i really like dreaming of how much i would love to fuck her and put another baby into her when she is a nice young teenager as well.