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I was in kindergarten when the older boy next door got me to suck him. I really was clueless about it, I mean I didn't get anything sexual from it only some promised candy. This continued every so often and by the time I was nine I was in the eye of a fifteen year old boy who was really nice to me.

It wasn't difficult for him to seduce me. I had a crush on him because he took me everywhere and always was touching me in a sweet tender way. How he convinced me to let him fuck me when I was adamant with my neighbor boy that "there's no way I'm gonna do something like that!" This boy was obviously good at it. he took me to his secret spot in the woods that had a hidden clearing that had a numerous assortment of boy's underpants strewn about. My first thing I said was " I'm not gonna take my underpants off!"

There I lay without any pants on with the back of my briefs down with his slender, smooth boy cock all up inside spurting two loads of thick hot boy cum generously inside of me. I have to say that that felt amazingly good and he continued to fuck me till he went soft and it slipped out pulling with it a gushing quantity of his seed. It dripped like a custard like drool pooling in the front of my underpants.

I told him to wait for me on the path and tossed my underpants amongst the others and jumped into my bluejeans for the ride on his handlebars home. The boy next door noticed a change in me and I started sneaking into my sister's underwear drawer trying on various panties. One or two days a week my boy crush continued to fuck me while I still sucked the boy next door. I was ten when he got into my panties bottoms up and wow was that fun.