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I have been indulging with my Mom for some time now. Anyway, condoms are a little pricey since we use two a day. The first time we made it I didn't use a condom since we didn't have any; thank God I didn't get her pregnant that time. Now, I use them religiously with her; don't want to get my Mom knocked up and all...

I decided to invest in some, "Jo," instead (Anal lube)

After I got home from school, I text my Mother to, "Meet, me in the bathroom." I feel better about being behind a closed door with a lock on it when my Father is home sleeping before his night shift.

I invited my Mother into the bathroom and closed us in for a few. My Mother asked, "Are you all ready for me, sweetie?" I told her to turn around and kneel over the toilet. With the nightlight on, I started to lube up for her. My Mother let me lift her skirt up to start in on her... I railed my lubed up cock between her cheeks, and then began to press her butt.

I felt her tighten up with my initial press. I told her, "Mom, just relax." She remained quiet and didn't resist so I put a few drops of Jo on her and then pressed her again. Managing to get the head of my cock in her, the rest of my slicked up shaft began to slowly push into her. I worked my Mom with a few in and outs until suddenly, I was able to rail my shaft down into her butt all the way; balls deep in my tight backdoor Mom.

After a few more push thrusts, my Mom said, "Baby, that's my ass..."

Fucking her, I said, "I know, Mom."

She didn't say anything else and continued to let me take her from behind. I watched as my rock hard oiled shaft thrust in and out of my Mom's butt.

After a couple of minutes, I began to drawn near with her. My Mom began to whisper, "Oh, yeah, baby," knowing I was getting close; she could feel it.

I began to pulse in her and she told me to, "Give me all of that cum, honey."

A few more thrusts into her was all I could take...

Grabbing her hips an thrusting into her balls deep, I began to unload into my Mom's ass. It was the single greatest feeling I could ever have.

We finished up, kissed, and then went about the rest of our day.

I can only wonder how long my cum would be in my Mom. One day, two days, or maybe three if I was lucky!