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We had been married for about six years when my husband started to draw away from me. I got him drunk one night and started sucking his cock. Before he could cum I pulled off and told him to tell me exactly what he really wanted. He hesitated and I said I would never suck him again unless he was straight with me. He finally admitted he often masturbated with my dildo in his ass. He was about to pass out that night from the alcohol when I went to the bedroom and got my toy. It was a vibrating cock so I wtarted to suck him again and when he was gyrating against my lips I shoved the rubber cock into his ass. Then I turned it on and the vibrations hit his prostate. He started to say "Oh yeah fuck me." He got louder and louder until he started cumming in my mouth. I took it all.

I kept that cock inside him for another 15 minutes and stroked his cock until he came a second time. He'd never done that with me before. Then I stripped and mounted him. I put a nipple up to his mouth and he started to suck it. Then I told him "Honey I don't care what you've been into. I'm the only sex partner you need and will please you any time you want." He finally fell asleep.

The next morning I told him again that I didn't care what or who he had fucked before today, but I would do to and with him anything he wanted. He was flabbergasted. He finally said that when he's drinking he gets horny and has been with other people. I told him I didn't care and I loved him for trusting me. At the breakfast table I sucked his cock that morning and swallowed everything he had to give me. Our love and sex have never been better and I use his body with my rubber cock, I've tied him up. I've fucked him with a strap-on and have pissed all over him and one time even hit his face with my piss.

That was three years ago and we are now full-fledged swingers. Nearly every weekend we get with other couples now and both of us get all the cock and cunt we want. Man, what a fucking life when you get down to the things you actually want.